Bubba Broderick Racing Report Edition 9-Black Rocky Road

By Rich Vleck

Bubba Broderick entered Friday Night’s event at Black Rock Speedway knowing that even though he had never fared well results wise at the track, he had never got a crack to show his true potential. Just one good draw is what he wanted, and that is just what he got; but more disappointments would be ahead

The Broderick Racing team made the long trip to Dundee Friday for the $4,000-to-Win A-Verdi Championship. Bubba often found himself starting towards the back, but a great draw for his heat would land the No. 5 Eagle on the pole for heat race two.

“Finally we got a good draw there,” declared Bubba. “It certainly wasn’t me drawing. For the second straight week I used someone else. The unfortunate part was that Bryan Howland and Tony Stewart were in the race but then again it was a good chance to show off.”

Coming to the green flag though, Broderick was deemed to have accelerated too early and was placed back a row for jumping the start. Bubba was understandably not happy, but was determined to rebound from it.

“I hated getting shuffled a row back but with Tony now in front of me, I knew I was in the quick line because he is really strong on starts.”

Broderick fought hard on the bottom of the track with Bryan Howland for the runner-up spot, which was in effect going to be for a spot in the redraw. As the two were side-by-side coming to complete the second lap, they had to divert their course and avoid a major wreck.

Tony Stewart’s No. 14 had collided with a damaged car in turn two and was barrel rolling in front of Bubba and Bryan. Howland, on the top, dove onto the pit lane, while Bubba was able to get the car slowed down to move by on the inside.

“I saw the car from the middle of the frontstretch, but I guess I never saw him turn right in front of Tony. I was right behind Bryan as we entered the corner and I had to drive through the low line for the first time on the night.”

Broderick would complete the heat race solidly in second, which was good enough to make the redraw. Drawing a number four would give him that quality starting spot for the A-Main he had been looking for at BRS.

“The car wasn’t great in the heat and we tried to tighten the car up for the feature and hoping that we landed on the perfect change. I liked starting on the top and felt that we could pull out a good top five finish.”

Things were still not right with the Northeast Carpet/ Pink Monkey Water entry from the start as he was tight on entry and loose through the corner. To compound the problems, by the third lap a flat right rear tire materialized on the No. 5 for the third straight feature. Bubba wasn’t sure if it was flat yet but after a lap 7 caution he was sure it was going soft and put the crew to work.

“I was so upset sitting in the work area. I just couldn’t understand how this string of luck with flat tires has been. Bones (Crew Chief) asked me if the car was tight or loose and I wasn’t even sure because the tire had been going down. We made a torsion bar adjustment right before the two minutes were up and that loosened the car up.”

Broderick ran the final 18 laps battling with Tim Kelly, but would struggle off the corner and would fight his way back to a 12th place finish, but again left the Finger Lakes venue wondering what could have been.

“Our team had a talk and just said that this luck has to turn around, it just has to. We never had a flat before last weekend in my career without contact with another car. If flat tires come in threes, hopefully our third win is around the corner.”

The team will now take a week off before a weekend in Southern Ontario racing at Ohsweken and Merrittville Speedways. This will be a great way to gear up for the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals which is just over a month away.

“Ohsweken is a place we’ve never been great, but still one of my greatest accomplishments is backing the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals A-Main both times we’ve gone there. I want to really get a hold of the place so we can go after a top-10 in September.”

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