Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund Update

By Gary Thomas

Visalia, CA – August 24, 2010…With the many recent injuries suffered by sprint car racers across the country recently it has brought to the forefront just how important it is to have a fund set aside to help in the recovery of those who encounter injuries, such as the unfortunate ones we have seen occur to various drivers this season.

For competitors in California that’s where the Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund comes into play and with it being a couple seasons since needing to utilize the fund, various questions have come up regarding the status of it.

The Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund in short is intended to help in the aid of injured sprint car drivers, crew members and team owners. The decision making of the benevolent fund is led by sprint car driver Brent Kaeding, crew chief Ashley Smith and sprint car enthusiast, sponsor & good friend Don Sharp.

The most recent recipient of the NARC Benevolent Fund was Chico, California sprint car driver Brad Bumgarner, who suffered a compressed and fractured T-5 vertebrae during a qualifying flip at the Silver Dollar Speedway in 2008.

“We currently have close to $80,000 in the Northern Auto Racing Club Benevolent Fund and thankfully we haven’t needed to dip into it since Brad Bumgarner’s injury a couple years ago,” said Don Sharp. “As we know this is a dangerous sport and it will never be 100% safe so having a fund like this is very important to help out whenever something may come up. We just want everyone to know that this fund is still there and available whenever it might be needed.”

In addition to Bumgarner recent beneficiaries of the fund over the last 10-years also include Dennis Moore Jr., Billy Sellers, Danny Faria Jr., the family of Alan Urias, Randy Hannagan and Tom Milne.