Knoxville Nationals Champion Tim Shaffer wins Sprint Feature at Lernerville

Tim Shaffer
Tim Shaffer

From Lernerville

Sarver, PA (September 3, 2010) A fast moving band of afternoon showers threatened to spoil the All Star Dual in the Dirt, but the Action Track prep crew strapped on their boots and provided an amazing racing surfaces for some of the biggest stars in dirt track racing.

Knoxville Nationals Champion Tim Shaffer and Firecracker 100 Champion Shane Clanton dominated their respective All Star Features, but the racing behind them was nothing short of spectacular. Last Friday Night’s combatants Dale Blaney and Ed Lynch Jr. joined Shaffer on the All Star Sprint Podium.

All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Car Feature (30 Laps)

1. (83) Tim Shaffer, Alliquippa
2. (2) Dale Blaney, Fowler, OH
3. (2L) Ed Lynch Jr., Apollo
4. (30C) Lance DeWease, Fayetteville
5. (W20) Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge, OH
6. (8) Mike Lutz, Mercer
7. (94) Jack Sodeman Jr., N. Jackson, OH
8. (22C) Cole Duncan, Lockbourne, OH
9. (22) Brian Ellenberger, Butler
10. (89G) David Gravel, Watertown, CT
11. (6F) Bob Felmlee, Franklin
12. (4) Rod George, Kittanning
13. (D4) Danny Holtgraver, Pittsburgh
14. (39) Keith Kauffman, Mifflintown
15. (10) Carl Bowser, Sarver
16. (9) Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
17. (04) Cap Henry, Bellevue, OH
18. (0) Brandon Wimmer, Fairmount, IN
19. (25) Jimmy Segar, Morrisdale
20. (08) Dan Kuriger, Freedom
21. (97) Dean Jacobs, Fremont, NE
22. (5) Byron Reed, Waterville, OH
23. (7) Eric Williams, Greenville
24. (24S) Brian Steinman, Lucinda

National Guard Heat Race Winners: Felmlee, Sodeman, Wimmer, Kuriger

Dash Winner: Lance Dewease

B-Main Winner: Byron Reed