Zemken Doubles Up With Victories in the Ohsweken Shootout and Dave McLeod Memorial

By T.J. Buffenabrger

Ohsweken, ON – (Friday September 17th, 2010) – Jessica Zemken scored two major victories Friday night during the Night Before the Nationals at Ohsweken Speedway. Zemken started the night with a win during the Village Pizza Ohsweken Shootout that featured the top two finishers from affiliate sanctioning bodies involved with the Nationals. Later in the program Zemken topped two time Canadian Sprint Car Nationals champions Steve Poirier in the final round of match races dedicated to the late Dave McLeod, a former Canadian sprint car owner.

During the shootout Zemken inherited the point after Bryan Howland flipped hard in turn four after his right rear wheel broke at the halfway point in the 10 lap event. After the restart Zemken pulled away to score the victory.

“It was unfortunate what happened to Bryan (Howland), I would have liked to race him for the win,” said Zemken. “The car handled great in the shootout.”

Poirier moved up from eighth starting spot to finish second. Dustin Daggett, Dennis Yoakam, and Gregg Dalman rounded out the top five.

Zemken matched up against Poirier, a multiple time winner of the McCleod event, for the two lap finale. After two false starts Zemken and Poirier raced each other extraordinarily hard with Zemken coming out the victor in the closest finish of all the match races that night.

“I have to thank Corr-Pak Merchandising, Eldora Speedway, Tony Stewart Racing, and my crew for all of their help,” said Zemken. “Hopefully some of the things we tried tonight will help us on Saturday.”

2010 Village Pizza Ohsweken Shootout and Dave McLeod Memorial Race
Ohsweken Speedway – Ohsweken, Ontario
Friday Spetember 18th, 2010

Village Ohsweken Shootout: 1. 14 – Jessica Zemken, 2. 28fm – Steve Poirier, 3. 2m – Dustin Daggett, 4. 22d – Dennis Yoakam, 5. 49t – Gregg Dalman, 6. 84 – Tyler Rand, 7. 7 – Kyle Moffit, 8. 30 – Adam West, 9. 11x – Tim Allison, 10. 51 – Bryan Howland, 11. 71 – Travis Cunningham, 12. 5b – Bubba Broderick

Dave McLeod Memorial Match Races:

Round #1: 22d – Dennis Yoakam def. 32 – Justin Barger, 28fm – Steve Poirier def. 5D – Dave Dykstra, 21x – Kevin Job def. 39c – Jason Solwold, 11x – Tim Allison def. 30 – Adam West, 14 – Jessica Zemken def. 12 – Tim Kelly, 35 – Jared Zimbardi def. 49t – Gregg Dalman, 6n – Dain Naida defeats 84 – Tyler Rand, 20K – Thomas Kennedy def. 6 – Kyle Patrick

Round #2: 21x – Kevin Job def. 22d – Dennis Yoakam, 28fm – Steve Poirier def. 11x – Tim Allison, 14 – Jessica Zemken def. 6n – Dain Naida, 20K – Thomas Kennedy def. 35 – Jared ZImbardi.

Round #3: 28fm – Steve Poirer def. 21x – Kevin Job, 14 – Jessica Zemken def. 20k – Thomas Kennedy.

Final (2 Laps): 14 – Jessica Zemken def. 28fm – Steve Poirier