Season Winding Down but Darren and JGRacing Continue the Fight.

From J.G. Motorsports

Being out on the west coast can have some advantages. It isn’t colder than, make your own finish, and the sights aren’t what you have seen every day for years. But it also keeps you away from the family. Darren is a race car driver but he is also looking forward to some down time with his wife and daughter that this off season will allow.

Friday night at New Mexico Speedway starting off in the 8 hole for the fifth heat isn’t exactly what Darren and the team had in mind but nevertheless the 3g took it. At the drop of the green flag the JGRacing entry got two cars on the front straight. After being passed by a single car Darren gained the spot back from another driver near the end gaining a fourth place finish.

Now starting 14th for the feature the start was where the blue and black 3g once again picked up a few positions. Halfway through Darren found himself in 8th place on the tricky track surface. Under caution feeling he was making a good choice the wing was slid back for better traction. What it did though was cause the car to bicycle even harder getting Darren freight trained losing four spots. Just before the end one spot was made up ending the night in 11th.

Saturday night the start in the heat was better, but not by much. After starting 7th in the second heat the JGRacing entry was 5th by the time the first lap was over. Then after a wreck involving two cars Darren was 3rd on the ensuing restart. With some more two wheel action a position was lost and he finished up 4th again.

Now starting pole for the third B-Main Darren checked out and hid gaining not only a victory but an A-Main starting spot.

Starting off 19th on the still unique track surface the JGRacing just wanted to get all 30 laps clicked off. With very little passing on the bottom feeder track he had to wait and pick his “fights” wisely, with a few passes early in the race, none were gotten after halfway, Darren left with a 16th place finish.

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