Brian Brown – Fine Finish!

By Bill W

December 2, 2010 – It was a great conclusion to a great season for sprint car driver, Brian Brown, as he brought the 2010 campaign to a close last weekend at the dirt track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A pair of second place finishes with the Lucas Oil ASCS National series capped a season that already saw twelve wins and a season championship at the Knoxville Raceway.

The Grain Valley, Missouri driver would draw outside of row four for his heat in Friday’s prelim, and drive to a third place finish. “I think the best I started on the West Coast trip was the third row, which bit us at Tucson,” he says. “We had good cars in the heat Friday (Vegas), but we were able to get a really good start. That put us in a good spot going into the A.”

A draw up front for the feature put Brian in position to win his second ASCS National feature of the year. “Chad (Morgan), Kelby (Hopkins) and I had been talking about how if you are in a good position at an ASCS show, you have to take advantage,” he says. “We were able to draw outside the front row of the feature.”

The FVP #21 was ready for the challenge. “We were able to get the lead down the backstretch,” says Brian. “Sam Hafertepe Jr. did a good job and he was able to get around us there in three and four. Sam and I were the same speed, and we were able to get back by him on one of the restarts.”

Up front, Brian picked up an unwanted passenger. “We were battling pretty good and I hit the cushion pretty hard and packed the right rear full of mud,” he says. “When we passed him, we were vibrating pretty badly. It was hard to see where I was going, and it got worse as the race went on.”

Hafertepe fell out while running second, and it set up the race for one of the best. “Sam actually fell out (lost a wing sideboard), and then Tony (Stewart) came along,” says Brian. “He showed why he is the greatest racecar driver in history. It was too bad we had the right rear vibrating. He certainly could have passed us anyway, but I would have liked to have raced him at full strength in lapped traffic.”

Though Brian would have liked to have the win, it was an honor to run up front with his hero in racing. “Running second to the greatest racecar driver that I’ll see in my lifetime is really a thrill,” he says. “Being locked in made Saturday easier on us as well.”

Not having to run preliminary events on Saturday, gave Brian and the crew an opportunity to prepare for the main event. “Seeing the track when we got there, we knew that track position would be crucial,” he says. “After seeing the rubber laid down in the heats, we were wanting that number one on the draw. It didn’t happen, but at least we drew a three.”

The one-lane track saw little passing and Brian would settle into second place. “When it’s rubber down like that, you try not to use up your tires, and hopefully, others do,” he says. “Unless someone makes a mistake, you’re not going to do much. If you have guys like Joey Saldana in front of you, and Sammy (Swindell) behind you, you definitely don’t want to make mistakes. To end the year with two strong second place finishes is a good way to go into the winter.”

Brian returned on Thursday from the International Motorsports Industry Show in Indianapolis, Indiana. “We went to the PRI (Performance Racing Industry) show for years until they got bigger and bigger and were located to far from where we were located,” he says. “Tony Stewart and some others came up with IMIS. It’s more of a grassroots deal, and it’s good to go see your marketing partners that help you throughout the year. We want to make sure we do a good job for them, and we like to see some of their new product coming out too. We have a lot of great partners. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the successes we have this year.”

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Brian’s Q&A

Barry Givan asks: Are your crew guys full-time all winter?

Brian answers: We normally keep one of our guys on. When you race 75 times a year in fifteen states, it’s really a full-time job for another crew guy and myself. My grandpa (George Lasoski) beat it into my head when I was young that you win your races and championships in the winter and not the summer. You have to make sure everything is in line when you start the season. That’s why it takes people working in the Winter to prepare.

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Brown’s Bits

Brian competed 71 times in 2010. He registered 12 wins (17%), 31 podium finishes (44%), 37 top fives (52%) and 49 top tens (69%). The wins came at six different tracks in four states (Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri). The win total was his highest since 2007 (14).


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Marketing Partner of the Week – Maxim Racing

Brian says, “Chuck and Karen Merrill are not only great people, but they put everything into putting the best car out on the market. I’ve always been a supporter of theirs, and with Brian Brown Racing, you’ll always see their chassis.”

Brian has been partnering with Maxim since 2003. After years of success as a car owner, Chuck Merrill started his chassis business in a rented three-bay garage in November of 1988. The first car was driven by Johnny Herrera at the Florida All Stars Sprint Week in February of 1989. By June of that year, Maxim moved into a 7,000 square foot facility. By 2001, Maxim had grown substantially producing 304 chassis that year. In 2002, Maxim moved to its present 12,500 square foot location in Springfield, Illinois. Maxim continues to offer their customers unmatched service and support, and currently has 17 quality employees, and builds over 400 chassis on an annual basis. Their world-famous “K-car” was designed for Steve Kinser, and has won ten Knoxville Nationals titles and fourteen World of Outlaws championships! To top it all, Maxim offers a warranty if you are not completely satisfied with your car. For more information on Maxim, visit!Generation and Housby Motorsports. Visit for more information!

Associate Marketing Partner of the Week – Engler Machine

Brian’s motors have injection from Engler Machine & Tool. Engler Machine was started in 1980 by Tim Engler, his main line of business at that time was plastic injection molds. Over the years he has diversified very widely leaning more towards “high performance products”. He now builds fuel injection systems, custom made pulling chassis, gears, shafts, specialty CNC products, racing engines and some custom machining. Tim has been involved in tractor pulling and holds 13 national titles in that sport; he no longer pulls himself but, has been influential to the success of many other pullers through his advice and building capabilities. He races winged sprint cars when time allows this is something he truly likes and wishes he had more time to do. Visit them online at!

Brian would like to thank FVP, SuperClean, Splash, Ditzfeld Transfer, Searsboro Telephone Company,, Housby Trucks, Maxim Racing, Champion Brands, My State Insurance Rates, Smiley’s Race Products, Impact Sign and Lighting, Arctic Cat, K&N Filters,, FSR Race Products, Fuel-Safe Tanks, Awesome Racewear, Wolfe Eye Clinic, Weld Wheels, Bell Helmets, CP Pistons, Carrillo Rods, A1 Mortgage, Rockwell Security, Paul’s Auto Body Supply, Engler Machine, Vortex Wings, Ostrich Racing Engines, Penray, All Pro Cylinder Heads, Butler Built Seats, Rod End Supply, KSE Racing Products, Winters Performance Products, Santomauro Racing Products, Cometic Gaskets, Kaeding Performance, Donovan, Magtech, ISC Racers Tape, Racing Optics, Pro Shocks, Don’s Truck Wash, Gardner Farms, Hoosier Tires, XYZ Machining, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, Peterson Fluid System, Red Devil Brakes, Schoenfeld Headers, and WSIB Insurance for all their help!