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From Brian Goscinski

Super Shox racers have enjoyed success many times early in the season with Sammy Swindell leading the way with six feature wins including a Chili Bowl preliminary night win and a sprint car win in New Zealand which helped him to win his latest WoO race in Merced California. With the Merced track being very similar to the tracks in NZ Sammy was able to use that experience to his advantage.

Speaking of Swindell’s with advantages Jeff got the win at Southern New Mexico Speedway and if not for a blown LR tire at Devils Bowl while looking at the white flag would have had his second win of the season since switching to Super Shox.

Dave Darland got into the winners circle at North Vernon this past week driving Jeff Walkers famous blue #11. Darland shot to the lead from his third starting position with a slide job in turn one and a run around the cushion in turn two to pass for second then another slide job in turn three to take the lead on lap one and the win after 40 laps on the slick Indiana track.

Jeff Walker has been busy down south working on a ASCS wing sprinter for Joe Zerof that made a victory lane stop the first night out at the East Bay King of 360’s with Michael Dupy doing the driving.

Mini sprint racers with Super Shox have also been winning races with Casey Shuman filling in for the injured Scott Johnson with a win at Ocala Florida and Kevin Michnowicz winning his first 1200cc race at Perris Auto Speedway.

In Midget racing Kevin Swindell won his second consecutive Chili Bowl (3rd in a row for Swindell Motorsports and Super Shox) while Sammy finished second in a photo finish. Over in Australia Harley Bishop won at Sydney Speedway driving a car built by Steven Graham.

The bottom line is this Super Shox has given these racers an advantage with a shock that makes the car stable and more drivable. The Super Shox double adjustable shock that these racers use is easily tunable to suit driving styles and track conditions which enables the driver to put the car where it needs to be with accuracy and consistency. There simply is no better bang for your buck than Super Shox double adjustable shocks with 8 compression settings and 24 on rebound you can race from the smallest 1/4 mile to the largest 1/2 mile, slick or tacky and be a winner. If your looking for shocks that are spot on consistent night after night and backed by a lifetime valving guarantee look no further.

The Super Shox advantage continues with excellent service and support. When you need tech help to get the most out of your shocks or have a shock in need of repair just give us a call. At Super Shox we design, manufacture, build, sell and service our product so you are always talking and getting service done by the professionals who know the most about your shocks.

To learn more about Super Shox log onto or give us a call at 847-548-SHOX (7469) and find out how the Super Shox advantage can be your advantage. If you prefer to e-mail then send one to, you can also follow us on Twitter and keep up to date on all that’s happening in the Super Shox world on Facebook.