Brady Bacon – Fatheadz on Board for Little Rock!

By Bill W

April 11, 2011 – If nothing else, it was an eventful couple of weeks for Brady Bacon in Indiana. Mother Nature commanded much of the racing, but the young Broken Arrow, Oklahoma sprint car driver did come out of the fortnight with a new partner in Fatheadz Sunglasses. The Brady Bacon Racing #99 team will hit the I-30 Speedway near Little Rock, Arkansas as they get their campaign with the Lucas Oil ASCS National series back underway.

Obviously, for a young driver/owner, having solid partnerships is the key to success, and Fatheadz comes on board at a great time. “I’d like to welcome Fatheadz Sunglasses on board as a partner,” says Brady. “They have done a lot for the sport of sprint car racing, and it’s an honor to have them with Brady Bacon Racing.”

Brady will be at a spot where he saw much success in 2010 when he pulls in and sees the red clay ¼ mile near Little Rock on Friday and Saturday. “We were fresh off the two wins (when the series visited in the spring of 2010), and we came into I-30 and finished second,” he says. “We were able to come back and win there later in the year, and grab another second.”

His victory on June 5 came ahead of Zach Chappell, Tony Bruce Jr., Tim Crawley and Jason Johnson. “I think we have a good setup at the place,” says Brady. “Outside of the Short Track Nationals, you can almost put money down what the track will be like. We were able to get some laps in at a regular show earlier this year too.”

Brady knows that to be good at Little Rock, you have to be prepared to race multiple grooves. “You need to be able to get around the top, but you have to be able to roll the bottom,” he says. “I think our short track program is really good, and I’m looking forward to a great weekend.”

The original plans for last weekend included the two-night show with USAC at Eldora Speedway near Rossburg, Ohio. The preliminaries were run on Friday night before the race was “fogged out”. “We were packing and packing and packing, and we finally got to the point where we were racing on it,” Brady says of the track. “We got through the heats, but the cushion was rough, and you couldn’t pass. The cushion was maybe halfway up the track, and the bottom was greasy. They ended up calling it around midnight.”

Saturday’s show was called early in the day. That presented a long tow back to Oklahoma without any racing. The team learned of a special in Putnamville, Indiana and decided to go. “We got the call at the car wash,” says Brady. “It was on our way home anyway, so we went. We wanted to get a race in.”

Mother Nature had had her way with Lincoln Park Speedway, and a late night was in store. By the time cars hit the track, more had loaded up and gone home. Brady ran fourth in his heat. “The track was probably the roughest I’ve ever seen,” he says. “A lot of drivers didn’t even go out on it. Only five cars started our heat.”

He would finish sixth in the feature. “I should have start and parked,” says Brady. “It was $3,000 to win, but I got start money for sixth ($300).”

That won’t be the case in Little Rock with the ASCS. The two-night show will commence Friday and Saturday night.

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