McClelland and Weaver Win at Creek County

Sapulpa, OK — Brian McClelland won his third USRA Champ Sprint feature in five weeks last Saturday. McClelland passed early leader Kyle Clark after a restart and pulled away for the win. Clark held on to second ahead of Waylon Weaver.

Brian McClelland has dominated the first two weeks of injected sprint racing at CCS but Waylon Weaver put a stop to it on Saturday. Weaver got to the front first then held his line to win over McClelland.
Brett Thompson took the initial lead but bobbled in turn one of lap five when a tire went down sending Thompson toward the turn one wall. Weaver drove down low to grab the lead and McClelland followed. McClelland closed in and put pressure on Weaver. But McClelland could not find a way to get by and Weaver picked up his first victory. Brent Bates finished in third.


Champ Sprints

HEAT 1: 1, Len Larkin. 2, Brent Bates. 3, Danny Smith. 4, Colton Brewer. 5, Kevin Cummings. 6, Glen Passmore. 7, Zach Beeler.

HEAT 2: 1, Brian McClelland. 2, Waylon Weaver. 3, Andrew Deal. 4, Robbie Sherrell. 5, Brady Demeree. 6, Tommy Deckard.

HEAT 3: 1, Kyle Clark. 2, Ricky York. 3, Jackie York. 4, Terry Easum. 5, Ron Murphy. 6, Clay Cherry.

A FEATURE: 1, Brian McClelland. 2, Kyle Clark. 3, Waylon Weaver. 4, Danny Smith. 5, Andrew Deal. 6, Ricky York. 7, Jackie York. 8, Brent Bates. 9, Terry Easum. 10, Robbie Sherrell. 11, Colton Brewer. 12, Glen Passmore. 13, Brady Demeree. 14, Kevin Cummings. 15, Zach Beeler. 16, Tommy Deckard. 17, Ron Murphy. 18, Clay Cherry. 19, Len Larkin.

Injected Sprints

HEAT 1: 1, Brett Thompson. 2, Brent Bates. 3, Kirby Bedford. 4, Waylon Weaver. 5, Brian Roberts. 6, Brian McClelland.

A FEATURE: 1, Waylon Weaver. 2, Brian McClelland. 3, Brent Bates. 4, Kirby Bedford. 5, Brian Roberts. 6, Brett Thompson.