Wyers Wins at New Egypt

From New Egypt Speedway

New Egypt, NJ (May 7, 2011) – Gary Butler of Phillipsburg, NJ captured his first feature of the season and 5th of his career at New Egypt Speedway Saturday night as he won the 30 lap Modified event sponsored by Infante Sod Farm. Butler, whose last win came one year ago tonight, won on Mother’s Day weekend for the second straight year.

“I lost my mom 3 weeks before last years race and I was so happy to be able to win that one”, stated an emotional Butler, “To be able to repeat it again this year is beyond words. This win is dedicated to her.”

John Stangle brought the 28 car field to the start and set the pace for the first two laps ahead of Mike McAleer and Tommy Farrell III. David Van Horn was really flying as he raced from his seventh starting spot into the lead before the completion of lap 3. Once in front, Van Horn pulled away at will while 8th starter Butler also moved to the front, getting by Stangle for second on lap 13. Butler raced hard but was never close as Van Horn led by more than a straightaway throughout the second half of the event. That is, until the yellow was displayed for a Willie Osmun flat tire with just 4 laps to go. The restart saw Butler, 14th starter Jimmy Horton, 15th starter Billy Pauch and 18th starter Richie Pratt, Jr. all lined up on Van Horn’s bumper. As the green flag flew Butler had renewed life and he took full advantage of it as he pulled off the slide job in turn four to lead lap #27 over Van Horn, whose car looked to have tightened up. Pauch then quickly got by Van Horn and glued himself to Butler’s rear bumper for a last lap assault. But as hard as Pauch tried, Butler had him covered on this night as he raced to the checkered flag first by a car length. Point leader Pauch raced home second while Van Horn had to settle for third. Horton completed another strong run in fourth and Rick Laubach edged Pratt for fifth at the line.

John Aumick of Highland Lakes, NJ captured the first feature victory of his career in the Crate-1 Sportsman 20 lapper. Aumick took the lead with 8 laps remaining and then withstood a strong challenge from 2009 Crate Champ Jon Haegele to take the win. Harry Marlin bounced back after a slow start to finish second on his sponsors night. Dan Mazy, early leader Kyle Borror and defending champ Jim Houseworth rounded out the top five.

In the TriState RaceSaver 305 Sprint Series race, John Wyers of Mamora, NJ won the 20-lap. Dan Massey crossed the line second, but was disqualified when his car came up light on the scale following the event. Opening night winner Chuck Palmucci finished second, followed by Jeff Geiges, Chris Allen Jr., and Phil Meisner Jr. Former two-time champion Rob Ormsbee of Wall, NJ picked up where he left of last month as he won the first 12-lap Fastrak Late Model feature event. Ormsbee bested Mario Page and Steve Davis for the checker. Davis bounced back and won the second one, over Ormsbee and Page.

In the Advantage Financial/Cradle Rock Developers Rookie Sportsman series, Jordan Cox won his second 8 lap feature event in three tries. Jeremy Martino was second and Mike Everett was third.

Next Saturday night, May 14, New Egypt Speedway presents 4H Night featuring a full card of Big-Block Modifieds, Sportsman and Rookie Sportsman along with the Outlaw Stocks. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm. For more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 (609) 758-1900 or log on to www.newegyptspeedway.net.

Heat 1: 1. Billy Pauch 2. Dominick Buffalino 3. Jimmy Horton 4. Gary Butler 5. Mike McAleer 6. Tommy Farrell III
Heat 2: 1. David Van Horn 2. Dave Hunt 3. Tim Tanner Jr. 4. Wade Hendrickson 5. Matt Harrell 6. Richie Pratt Jr.
Heat 3: 1. John Stangle 2. Bob Drayton 3. Tad Cox 4. Rick Laubach 5. Mike Barone 6. Tommy Carberry Jr.
Consi: 1. Frank Cozze Jr. 2. John McClelland 3. Jimmy Blewett 4. Sam Martz 5. Mike Franz 6. Rich Acolia 7. Mike Iles 8. Willie Osmun Fans Provisionals: Ron John Koczon
Points Provisionals: Johnny Guarino

DNQ: Mike Hendershot, John Salvatore, John Miloszar, Ryan Forte, Rick Holsten, Brad Freeman, Stan Frankenfield, Brian Truppi, DJ Ruppert

FEATURE (30 Laps): 1. Gary Butler 2. Billy Pauch 3. David Van Horn 4. Jimmy Horton 5. Rick Laubach 6. Richie Pratt Jr. 7. Bob Drayton 8. Wade Hendrickson 9. Tad Cox 10. Mike Iles 11. Tim Tanner Jr. 12. Mike McAleer 13. John McClelland 14. John Stangle 15. Sam Martz 16. Willie Osmun 17. Matt Harrell 18. Mike Franz 19. Rich Acolia 20. Dave Hunt 21. Frank Cozze Jr. 22. Mike Barone 23. Tommy Farrell III 24. Dominick Buffalino 25. Jimmy Blewett 26. Johnny Gaurino 27. Ron John Koczon 28. Tommy Carberry Jr.

Heat 1: 1. John Haegele 2. Kyle Borror 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Jordan Henn 5. Steve Hicks 6. Glenn Knell 7. Dan Mazy
Heat 2: 1. Brian Papiez 2. John Aumick 3. Jarrett Rozycki 4. Jim Housworth 5. John Micek 6. Harry Marlin 7. Doug Urbano

Feature (20 Laps): 1. John Aumick 2. Harry Marlin 3. Dan Mazy 4. Kyle Borror 5. Jim Housworth 6. Bryan Kuhl 7. John Micek 8. Glenn Knell 9. Jarrett Rozycki 10. Steve Hicks 11. Rich Steele Jr. 12. Scott Hyland 13. Joe Dill 14. Jon Haegele 15. Scott Cranston 16. Ron Barnstead 17. Jeremy Martino 18. Doug Urbano 19. Bob Rambone 20. Dan Stout 21. Lee Allen 22. Jordan Cox 23. Brian Papiez 24. Jordan Henn
DNS: Doug Debray

Feature 1 (12 Laps): 1. Rob Ormsbee 2. Mario Page 3. Steve Davis 4. Darin Henderson 5. Tony Giglio 6. P.J. Oliver 7. Alessa Young

Feature 2 (12 Laps): 1. Steve Davis 2. Rob Ormsbee 3. Mario Page 4. Darin Henderson 5. Skip Syester 6. Tony Giglio 7. PJ Oliver 8. Alessa Young

Heat 1: 1. Chuck Palmucci 2. Stephanie Palmai 3. Chris Allen Jr. 4. Ian Borden 5. Bobby Devault 6. Mike Esposito
Heat 2: 1. Jeff Gieges 2. Dan Massey 3. Bill Case Jr. 4. Jeff Schall 5. Phil Meisner Jr. 6. Bill Case Jr.

Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jon Wyers 2. Chuck Palmucci 3. Jeff Geiges 4. Chris Allen Jr. 5. Phil Meisner Jr. 6. Mike Esposito 7. Bill Case Jr. 8. Bobby Devault 9. Jimmy Carpenter 10. Stephanie Stevens 11. Jeff Schall 12. Kyle Reinhardt 13. Sean Campbell 14. Pat U’Sellis 15. Gabe Fox 16. Stephanie Palmai 17. Ian Borden DQ: Dan Massey

Feature (8 Laps): 1. Jordan Cox 2. Jeremy Martino 3. Mike Everett 4. John Desmelyk 5. Cole Hager 6. Lee Schaffer