Douville Eats Up SCoNE at Canaan

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Canaan, N.H. — (May 13th, 2011) — Dan Douville won the SCoNE feature event Friday night at Canaan Fair Speedway. Clay Dow, Dalton Varney, Chris Donnelly, and Kevin Chaffee rounded out the top five.

A-Main: 1. Dan Douville, 2. Clay Dow, 3. Dalton Varney, 4. Chris Donnelly, 5. Kevin Chaffee, 6. Nick Berry, 7. Mark Cole, 8. Jim Lwrey, 9. Shawn Berry, 10. Matt Shuart, 11. Will Hull, 12. Dylan Campbell, 13. Randy Wimert, 14. Bob Shuart, 15. Bob Guiliani, 16. Dorbby Bodwell, 17. Lacey Hanson, 18. Tunk Berry. DNS: Andy Seuss,, Jacob williams.