Hungry Like the Wolf

From Troy Hennig

CHICO, CA – JULY 29, 2011 — It was bound to happen sooner than later. Redding’s Tyler Wolf earned his first career winged 410 sprint car win Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway by leading the final 15 laps to get the popular win. The excitement and jubilation in his voice told the tale from tonight as the kid got it done after a few years of trying. “This is just so awesome,” said Wolf in Victory lane. “It’s been a long time coming but they better watch out now because I finally got my first win and the next few should be easier now.” With the win, Wolf holds an unofficial three-point advantage over Andy Forsberg. Forsberg struggled tonight and finished sixth. “Forsberg better watch out because this Wolf is hungry and he’s going to take a bite out of him.”

Chico’s David Tarter started from the pole position and led the first ten laps. For Tarter, he too has never been to victory lane in Chico. The track was real good tonight and provided some great racing. Tarter was able to hold onto the lead until Wolf closed on him and ultimately passed him for the lead in turn two. Once Wolf cleared Tarter he was gone. On lap 20, Wolf held a straightaway advantage over Tarter. Even thought Tarter did not come away with the win, it was still his career best finish of second. He deserves many accolades for his effort. The third place finishing driver is also a youngster hungry for his first win. Colby Copeland drove a solid race and held off Gary Burdick for third. Burdick is making a believer out of the locals. He uses a 360 motor. At one time he was battling for second with Tarter. He fell into the fourth spot at the finish but will earn the 360 bonus award for top finishing 360. Mike Henry rounded out the top five at the finish. Henry and Jason York made contact coming out of turn four. York’s car slid into the front stretch barrier and never finished the race. Andy Forsberg finished sixth and lost the point lead. His team will need to regroup in two weeks when the next point show takes place.

Wolf and Copeland won the two heat races tonight. Mike Henry started the night off by turning the quickest lap at a 12.154.

Terry Schank Jr. led all 20-laps to win the wingless main event. It was Schank’s second win of the year at Chico. With the win he will extend his championship point advantage over the rest of the field. Ron LaPlant held the second spot for most of the night. Earlier in the evening, both LaPlant and Braedon Enos did a memorial lap for Richard Rigsby, their car owner who passed away on July 1. With about five laps to go, LaPlant’s car faltered just a bit and BJ Martin passed him for second. LaPlant’s car then seemed to gather back the speed he had lacked and went on to finish in third. Martin came home in the second position. Rowdy McClennon came home with in the fourth spot. Fast Eddie Lewis finished in the fifth position. Schank Jr. picked up the win in heat one. This gave him the official clean sweep of the night. McClennon won the second heat race. “It’s exciting to see a young kid like Wolf get the win tonight,” said Schank. “I remember my first win even though it was a long time ago,” he said with a laugh.

Paradise driver Kevin Ward won his third street stock main event this season. Wad led all 20 laps to get the win at his home track. Chasing him for all 20 laps were Mike Slightom and Brent Lawrence. Those two drivers put on a great show for all 20-laps. Slightom and Lawrence should be commended for their close knit racing tonight. Slightom ultimately got the second spot. Bill Hall III scored an impressive fourth place finish. Gary Newman rounded out the top five. It was an eventful night for championship point leader Kevin Lesch. He spun out early in the race that sidelined him deep in the field. Lesch worked his way back to a sixth place finish. Slightom and Ward each won their heat races. Ward will be credited for a clean sweep of the night’s event. Ward continued to impress us. He has to be considered one of the most improved drivers in 2011. “I owe all of it to Guy Bean and his hard work,” said Ward.

Chico’s Richard Papenhausen won his fourth race of 2011 and kept his championship points advantage over Mark Abouzeid. Abouzeid had an up and down evening that saw him is a wreck but rebounded to finish second. Papenhausen led all 15 laps for the popular win. “We’ve had a good year at Chico this year,” said Papenhausen. “We head to Quincy tomorrow and hopefully can get another win up there.” Jeff Olschowka was in second for most of the race. Abouzeid really applied the pressure to Olschowka and the two began a person battle on the track. It came to a boil on lap 11 when both drivers banged their way into each other in turn four. Both cars stopped and the yellow was needed. Abouzeid went the pit area where his crew went to work and got him back out. Olschowka tried to drive his car back but it came up lame in turn three and needed to be towed back to the pit area. He did not return. Dustin Massey finished in the third spot and he was the only other driver to complete all 15 laps. Darin Ruley won the eight lap heat race earlier in the night.


Results available at – type in silver dollar speedway

Sprint Cars

Fast Time: Mike Henry – 12.154

Heat 1: Tyler Wolf, Henry, Jason York, David Tarter

Heat 2: Colby Copeland, Andy Forsberg, Gary Burdick, Daniel Becker, Tom Baker

A Main: Wolf, Tarter, Copeland, Burdick, Henry, Forsberg, York, Robert Stice, Becker, Baker

Wingless Sprints

Heat 1: Terry Schank Jr., Eddy Lewis, Kyle Bakkie, Nathan Johnson, Tim Barber

Heat 2: Rowdy McClennon, Ron LaPlant, BJ Martin, Braedon Enos, Mike Bakkie

A Main: Schank, Martin, LaPlant, McClennon, Lewis, K. Bakkie, M Bakkie, Enos, Johnson, Angelique Bell, Barber,

Street Stocks

Heat 1: Mike Slightom, Kevin Lesch, Gary Newman, Shawn Smith, Richard Workman

Heat 2: Kevin Ward, Brent Lawrence, Bill Hall III, Kevin Berns

A Main: Ward, Slightom, Lawrence, Hall III, Newman, Lesch, Berns, Workman, Shawn Smith, Bill Patterson

Dirt Modifieds

Heat 1: Darin Ruley, Mark Abouzeid, Dustin Massey, Richard Papenhausen, JD Thompson

A Main: Papenhausen, Abouzeid, Massey, Olschowka, Thompson, Ruley

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