Hebing Wins at Utica Rome

ess 2011 empire super sprints

Vernon, NY — (August 17, 2011) — Chuck Hebing passed Steve Poirier to win the 50th Anniversary event at Utica-Rome Speedway on Wednesday night. Poirier, Jason Barney, Shawn Donath, and Kevin Ward, Jr. rounded out the top five.

ESS Feature (25 Laps): Chuck Hebing, Steve Poirier, Jason Barney, Shawn Donath, Kevin Ward, Jr., George Suprick, Lance Yonge, Tommy Wickham, Dylan Swiernik, Doug Emery, Charlie Donk, Jeff Cook, Michael Parent, Tim Kelly, Kory Gurney, Brandon Warner, Paul Habeck, Matt Tanner, Tyler Rand, Dan Douville, Bobby Varin, Josh Pieniazek, Mike Stelter, Cory Sparks.