McQueen Racing Chili Bowl Nationals Midget Rental Opportunity

By Robert Haugh

McQueen Racing will be renting one of their three potent Spike/Esslinger mounts for the 2012 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals.

The rental car made the A-main in its qualifying night and made it to the B-main on Saturday night last year.

“I am very excited to have a three car team for this year and we are currently looking for a third driver. Unfortunately we are a small team and cannot afford to put someone in the car without a fee. I really wish that I could give someone that opportunity, but that is just not in the budget,” says McQueen.

McQueen Racing will be accepting applications through mid October and will be making a decision on the driver by late October. Those interested will need to send an E-mail with racing resume and background information to team owner Shannon McQueen at Rental fees and deposit are dependent on racing experience and will be discussed within receipt of application.

The team will consist of Bakersfield, California’s Shannon McQueen and Guthrie, Oklahoma’s Michelle Decker.

You may also visit for more information on McQueen racing.