Welcome to the Super Shox racer of the week

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Welcome to the Super Shox racer of the week, where each week we will talk to a racer who has made the choice to use Super Shox.

This week our guest is Sammy Swindell driver of the Big Game Tree Stands #1 who has been winning races for 40 years and is a legend in the sport. Sammy’s switch to Super Shox came in 1999 shortly after he started dyno testing and rebuilding the brand of shocks he was using and learning what worked and did not at that time he seen a purple shock that had addressed all the issues he was having. With that the shocks were bolted onto the #1 Channel Lock car at Calistoga in the fall of 99 where Sammy won the main two out of the three nights that weekend. The opportunity for Super Shox to have our product on Sammy’s car was huge and it has tuned into a great relationship that has yielded fantastic results for both Super Shox and Sammy.

SS: Sammy what do you feel are the benefits of using Super Shox?

Sammy: Super Shox has made it quick and easy for me to get any combination of damping I need.

SS: When we started with Sammy there were over 60 standard shocks in the trailer with many combinations to choose from now he has just 16 double adjustable shocks, most are duplicates but some are special combinations for research and development.

SS: When looking at a double adjustable shock it looks pretty complicated to many racers, how has it been for you to adapt to using double adjustable shocks?

Sammy: The double adjustable shocks are very easy to use.

SS: Did you find the shock manual to be useful in gaining an understanding of the shocks?

Sammy: The manual gives all the information you need to using the shocks.

SS: What is your opinion on the service and support from Super Shox?

Sammy: When I need repair work done, it is always fast and the shock performs exactly as it did before.

SS: Over the years working with Sammy together we have found ways to improve the shock and that work is never done as we continue to develop our product and find ways to give our customers an advantage.

SS: Has Super Shox changed the way you drive or set up the car?

Sammy: I have been able to make the shocks fit the race track and the way I drive.

SS: Sammy thanks for sharing your experience with Super Shox, we are glad to have you on our team.

Sammy is having a great season and is the current point leader with the World of Outlaws but is not the only racer having great success with Super Shox as Wayne Johnson is leading the ASCS National points, Bill Balog is leading the IRA points in pursuit of his fifth consecutive title and Martin Edwards is leading the ASCS Lone Star region.

Since 1997 Super Shox has been dedicated to building high performance shock absorbers with extreme durability at a reasonable price. Each year more racers make the switch to Super Shox and it shows with wins and championships. There have been 43 champions along with these prestigious wins by racers using Super Shox:

4 Consecutive Chili Bowl Wins 2009-2012

3 Consecutive Oskaloosa Front Row Challenge Wins 2009-2011

WoO Races at Bristol in 2000 and 2001

2011 Kings Royal

2010 Williams Grove National Open

2004 Don Martin Silver Cup

2010 Lake Ozark Nationals

2011 Short Track Nationals

2003 Tulsa Shootout 600 Multi Class

2004 East Bay Micro Sprint Nationals

4 Perris Oval National Wins 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010

3 Western World Victories 2005, 2008, 2009

6 Little 500 Victories 2001-2005 and 2010, 2nd in 2011

USAC Pavement Wins at Winchester, Salem, Iowa, Anderson, IRP

Back to Back Kokomo Track Champions in 2010 and 2011

2 Consecutive Ohio Valley Sprint Car Champions 2010 and 2011

4 Consecutive IRA Championships 2008-2011

7 MSA Championships Since 2003

2 Australian Midget Titles

2012 New Zealand Sprint Car Title

Super Shox has covered it all with winners from Micro Sprints to Mini Sprints, Dirt and Pavement Midgets, Dirt Wing and Non-Wing Sprint Cars, Wing and Non-Wing Pavement Sprint Cars, Silver Crown Cars, Dirt and Pavement Late Models.

To find out more about about Super Shox log onto www.supershox.com or give us a call at 847-548-SHOX (7469) you can also stay in touch with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.