Welcome to the Super Shox driver of the week

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By Brian Goscinski

This week we have with us Wayne Johnson who has 15 consecutive top five finishes and has won 6 of those races this year. Wayne is driving his own 77X sprint car in pursuit of the ASCS National title for which he is the current point leader and has a 410 that he plans to race at the Nationals. This week Wayne used the off weekend from the ASCS series to bring out a new 410 car to test at Knoxville which resulted in a win for the team.

SS: Wayne you have put a complete team together in a short time and have really been strong this year tell us who has helped you get to this point.
WJ: I have been very fortunate to get with some great people who have really made it possible to get this team up and running, I have to thank these important sponsors for everything they have done Vern Rengen and Missile Motorsports, Sebastian Sandblasting & Powdercoating, City Vending, Outlaw Wings, Team Achieve, The Oil Medics, Century Signs, Smiley’s Racing Products, Hoosier Tire Southwest, Simpson, Butlerbuilt, Super Shox, Maxim, Speedway Motors, Rod End Supply, Schoenfeld Headers and RCM Design.

SS: How long have you been racing?
WJ: 26 years

SS: How long have you been using Super Shox?
WJ: 3 years

SS: What feels different with Super Shox as opposed to other shocks you have used?
WJ: The car is more stable and has more drive than ever.

SS: What do you feel are the benefits of using Super Shox?
WJ: The consistency and I’m able to run the same four shocks anywhere we go, the only thing we do is just make a few adjustments with the knobs for track conditions.

SS: What advantage to feel you have with Super Shox?
WJ: The consistency of the shocks makes our race car predictable right out of the box every night.

SS: When looking at a double adjustable gas shock it looks pretty complicated to many racers, how has it been for you to adapt to using adjustable shocks?
WJ: It was actually very easy, the manual that comes with the shocks is very easy to read and understand it really is self-explanatory.

SS: What is your opinion on the service and support from Super Shox?
WJ: Brian and his staff always do an awesome job and help with any questions we have plus having track support at many races really is invaluable.

SS: Has Super Shox changed the way you drive or set up the car?
WJ: They make my job easier by just being predictable and reliable.

SS: Wayne thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with Super Shox.
WJ: Thank you for building a great product.

To see what drivers have to say about Super Shox go to http://www.supershox.com/video.html

Currently drivers with Super Shox are leading these point races:
Wayne Johnson ASCS National
Sammy Swindell WoO
Martin Edwards ASCS Lone Star
Bill Balog IRA
Ben Schmidt MSA
Tommy Sexton Wilmot
Jimmy Scanlon Wisconsin Illinois Mini Sprint Association
Clint Garner Knoxville 360

Shocks can be somewhat of a mystery to many racers and that is why Super Shox continues to improve our product and tech support to give racers the straight talk on shock tuning. With every set of shocks there is a tech manual to guide the racer thru the adjustment settings and we have factory reps at tracks every weekend to assist customers and find ways to improve the Super Shox experience.

For more information log on to www.supershox.com or send a e-mail to info@supershox.com or give us a call at 847-548-SHOX (7469) you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the current Super Shox news as it happens.