Babb Wins at Farmer City

From Rob Lee

FARMER CITY, Ill. – Terry Babb does things in his normal, quiet way. Take Sunday’s non-winged Sprint Car victory at Farmer City Raceway for instance.

Babb looked low and looked high. He finally used a well-thought out slide job to motor by Joe Liguori for the 25-lap win.

“I wasn’t sure what down low would be like if they watered before the feature,” Babb said in victory lane. “I was able to run both grooves it turns out.”

It was Babb’s second victory without the wing in two weeks as he won June 2 at Flora, Ill.

Liguori controlled the first 15 laps before Babb conquered him on the high side. That was one turn after Babb’s right rear tire caught the turn four wall.

“Yeah, I knew I would be close and as soon as I put my foot back in it I knew I was OK.”

Liguori jumped the cushion three laps later and finished behind Babb, Mitch Wismiller and Korey Weyant. Bret Triplett rounded out the top five. The Sprint Cars return to Farmer City June 24.

Ray Bollinger won the Modified feature while Jerrad Krick took the Street Stock honors. The Hornet main was won by David Lauritson.


Feature (25 laps) – 1. Terry Babb 2. Mitch Wismiller 3. Korey Weyant 4. Joe Liguori 5. Bret Triplett 6. Chris Urish 7. Andy Baugh 8. Mark Brucker 9. Michael Severs 10. Al Thomas 11. Cameron Knell 12. Tyler Shoemaker 13. Bobby Logan 14. Logan Faucon

1st Heat (10 laps) – 1. Liguori 2. Weyant 3. Baugh 4. Brucker

2nd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Babb 2. Wismiller 3. Weyant 4. Urish