Hurley Grabs Quincy MOWA Feature Win in Last Turns

From Jack Walbring

QUINCY, ILL (July 1, 2012) – Jimmy Hurley, Michael Long, Vance Wilson, Tanner Klingele and Austen Bercerra all took feature event wins at Quincy Raceways on Sunday July 1 during Bank of Quincy Night at the Races.

Jimmy Hurley may have only led from the middle of turn three on the last lap to the checkered flag but it was the checkered flag falling for him that counted. Aaron Bruns jumped into the early lead of the twenty five lap MOWA Sprint Car main event at the drop of the green flag and looked like he was well on his way to the feature event win as he built a dominating lead over the first twenty laps. As Bruns began to slow in the closing laps, Hurley put on a charge to the front and was able to dip below Bruns in turn three of the final lap. There was contact between the two drivers with Hurley continuing onto the feature event win as Bruns recovered to grab the second spot. Joey Moughan took the third spot followed by Jim Moughan in fourth and Ben Wagoner in fifth. Jerrod Hull blasted to a lap of 11.786 to claim the qualifying top spot with Gary “Bubba” Altig, Robbie Standridge and Critter Malone taking the heat race wins. Joey Moughan grabbed the checkered flag in the Dash.

MOWA Sprint Cars 7/1/2012

Qualifying: Jerrod Hull, 11.786 , Jim Moughan, 11.854, Mike Hess, 11.918, Jordan Goldesberry, 11.957, Korey Weyant, 12.030, Aaron Bruns, 12.083, Gary Altig, 12.117, Jimmy Hurley, 12.125, Joey Moughan, 12.217, Ron Standridge, 12.288, Ben Wagoner, 12.314, Chris Urish, 12.339, Logan Faucon,12.362, Robbie Standridge, 12.497, Critter Malone, 12.511, Jeremy Standridge, 12.583, Cory Bruns, 12.706, Matt Harms,12.763, Andy Baugh, 12.772, Jimmy Davies, 12.871, Caleb Wankel, 13.364, Bret Tripplett, NT, Paul Nienhisel, NT

Heat 1:1. Gary Altig (, IL), 2. Logan Faucon (Elkhart, il), 3. Jeremy Standridge (Springfield, IL), 4. Jerrod Hull (Sikeston, MO), 5. Ron Standridge, 6. Jordan Goldesberry (Springfield, IL), 7. Bret Tripplett (lincoln, IL), 8. Andy Baugh (Mason City, IL),

Heat 2:1. Robbie Standridge (Springfield, IL), 2. Jimmy Hurley (Springfield, IL), 3. Ben Wagoner (Emden, IL), 4. Jim Moughan (Springfield, IL), 5. Cory Bruns (Lincoln, IL), 6. Jimmy Davies (Oquawka, IL), 7. Korey Weyant (Springfield, IL), 8. Paul Nienhisel (Chapin, IL),

Heat 3:1. Critter Malone (Speedway, IN), 2. Matt Harms (Chillicothe, IL), 3. Chris Urish (Alexander, IL), 4. Aaron Bruns (Athens, IL), 5. Joey Moughan (Springfield, IL), 6. Caleb Wankel (Jacksonville, IL), 7. Mike Hess (Riverton, IL

Dash:1. Joey Moughan (Springfield, IL), 2. Aaron Bruns (Athens, IL), 3. Gary Altig (, IL), 4. Jerrod Hull (Sikeston, MO), 5. Jim Moughan (Springfield, IL), 6. Ben Wagoner (Emden, IL), 7. Jimmy Hurley (Springfield, IL), 8. Ron Standridge,

Feature:1. Jimmy Hurley (Springfield, IL), 2. Aaron Bruns (Athens, IL), 3. Joey Moughan (Springfield, IL), 4. Jim Moughan (Springfield, IL), 5. Ben Wagoner (Emden, IL), 6. Gary Altig (, IL), 7. Jordan Goldesberry (Springfield, IL), 8. Chris Urish (Alexander, IL), 9. Robbie Standbridge (Springfield, IL), 10. Cory Bruns (Lincoln, IL), 11. Bret Tripplett (lincoln, IL), 12. Korey Weyant (Springfield, IL), 13. Matt Harms (Chillicothe, IL), 14. Logan Faucon (Elkhart, il), 15. Critter Malone (Speedway, IN), 16. Jimmy Davies (Oquawka, IL), 17. Caleb Wankel (Jacksonville, IL), 18. Jeremy Standbridge (Springfield, IL), 19. Andy Baugh (Mason City, IL), 20. Mike Hess (Riverton, IL), 21. Ron Standridge, 22. Jerrod Hull (Sikeston, MO), 23. Paul Nienhisel (Chapin, IL),