Wilmes Wins at Arlington

From Arlington Speedway

Arlington, MN — (July 7, 2012) — The Glenwood hot shoe Cam Schafer flew out to the front and set a blistering fast pace. So fast no one could keep up. So fast his right rear tire couldn’t take it, as on lap 10 the caution waved on the speedway for the 54 car that had burned his right rear tire to nothing. So the runner up Jordan Wlmes assumed the lead on lap 11. He was challenged briefly by the 2 of Neil Stevens, but Stevens would have to settle for silver.

1.20 Jodan Wilmes (St.Peter), 2. 2 Neil Stevens (Bingham Lake), 3. 22 Justin Allen (Janesville), 4. 4 Mike Stien (Gaylord), 5. 21 Dwain Wilmes (Kasota), 6. 55 Bruce Allen (Mankato), 7. 7z Travis Zieske (S ioux Falls S.D.) 11. 00 Brett Allen (Gaylord).