Cummings Takes Champ Sprint Win at Creek County!

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Lonnie Wheatley

SAPULPA, Okla. (August 24, 2012) – Kevin Cummings claimed his second Champ Sprint feature win of the year by holding off a late charge from Danny Smith in Friday night’s 20-lap feature event atop the ¼-mile Creek County Speedway clay oval.

With over 90 cars filling the pit area at the Creek County oval, other winners on the night included Brett Wilson in the A-Modifieds, Kevin Brewer in Dwarf Cars, Cody Cordell in 600-cc Non-Wing Micro Sprints, Jason Holt in Factory Stocks and “Joe Dog” in Mini Stocks after the apparent winner fell light at the scales for the second time in one night.

After pole starter Michael Gossman led the initial circuit of the Champ Sprint Car feature, sixth-starter Cummings drove past Kade Morton for the point on the sixth round. Cummings held command when Kyle Clark raced by only to slide off the top of turn one a lap later, and then withstood Danny Smith’s charges on the high side of the track over the final circuits for his second win in the last three Champ Sprint outings.

Cummings and Smith took the checkered flag ahead of Shane Pace, with Brent Bates and Alex DeCamp rounding out the top five.

After taking the lead from Johnny Deramus on the fifth round of the 20-lap A-Modified feature, Andy Morris set the pace until Brett Wilson slipped by on the 18th round to snare his third win of the season at Creek County. Morris settled for runner-up honors, with Dena Wilson, Chris Theodore and Chad Davis rounding out the top five.

Kevin Brewer continued his mastery of the Dwarf Cars, racing past Kent Kantor eight laps into the 15-lap main event for his fourth triumph of the year over Kantor and Jeff Record.

Cody Cordell notched his first 600-cc Non-Wing Micro Sprint Main triumph by wiring the 15-lap distance, taking the checkered flag ahead of Karley Kay Dobson and Chase Rohrbaugh.

Jason Holt topped the Factory Stock feature over B.J. Frohnappel and Bobby Wolfe, while the No. 5s Mini Stock claimed the feature win after the No. 32 came up light at the scales.

Creek County Speedway Results (August 24, 2012):

Champ Sprints

A Feature (20 Laps): 1. 97-Kevin Cummings; 2. 5$-Danny Smith; 3. 8X-Shane Pace; 4. 17-Brent Bates; 5. 84-Alex DeCamp; 6. 87F-Brian McClelland; 7. 8M-Kade Morton; 8. 22-David Stephenson; 9. 010-Brian Roberts; 10. 54-Michael Gossman; 11. 11Z-Zach Bealer; 12. 11-Ricky York; 13. 79-Tim Kent; 14. 3-Jamie McDonald; 15. 43-Russell Boren; 16. W94-Waylon Weaver; 17. 9$-Kyle Clark; 18. 94L-Layne Himebaugh

B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 87F-Brian McClelland; 2. W94-Waylon Weaver; 3. 22-David Stephenson; 4. 11Z-Zach Bealer; 5. 3-Jamie McDonald; 6. 010-Brian Roberts; 7. 16-Robbie Sherrell; 8. 0-Michael Tyre II; 9. 18B-Eric Barnes; 10. 19M-Matt Caudle; 11. 13-Len Larkin