PST Canada Champion to be Crowned Saturday at Brockville

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Rochester, NY — (October 8, 2012)- — The first ever PST Canada Championship will be crowned this Saturday in the depth of Autumn, but Justin Barger is trusting that his work throughout the summer will make his final trip north of the border this season an enjoyable one.


The $2,000-to-win sprint event at Brockville Ontario Speedway’s Northeast Fall Nationals will bring names from all over the area in the ¼-mile for one final chance at glory in 2012.  Justin Barger, the winner of the PST event at Brockville in August, will likely be one of the drivers that will drive away happy, as the current series point leader only needs to start a heat race or B-Main to clinch the title worth $5,000.


Hill’s Racing teammates Dain Naida and Jamie Collard sit second and third in the series standings.  Naida led much of the event in August while Collard scored the win at the “BOS” in July.


PST American Champion Scott Kreutter enters Saturday fourth in the Canadian standings and has an opportunity to aggregate the most points in PST competition this season over three-time Brockville Winner Jared Zimbardi, who rounds out the top-five in the series.


A host of drivers from near and far will be on hand for this day race, with the local contingent including Brockville’s Paul Pekonnen, plus Rick and April Wilson, Kyle Fraser, Tyler Rand, Lee Ladouceur and Charlie Sandercock. Western Ontario’s Glenn Styres and Keith Dempster and Quebec stars such as Steve Poirier, Alain Bergeron, Patrick Vigneault and Michael Parent are among some of the Canadians that may make a longer trek to Brocvkille.


Among some of the other names that may be travelling across the border this weekend from the states include Bryan Howland, Jeff Cook, Kevin Ward and Brandan Warner.


This will be the first time since 2005 that the October Brockville event will count for championship points.  Last year’s attempt to end the season along the St. Lawrence was thwarted by Mother Nature while Jared Zimbardi won the event to close 2010.


Racing action on Saturday gets started at 1:00, with a mandatory driver’s meeting at Noon. For more information visit and don’t forget to follow and/or all weekend for updates.


Patriot History at Brockville:

Races: 14

8/20/2004- Rick Wilson

10/22/2005- Kyle Drum

7/15/2006- Rick Wilson

6/2/2007- Jessica Zemken

7/18/2009- Bryan Howland

8/22/2009- Alain Bergeron

10/17/2009- Glenn Styres (Non-Points)

6/12/2010- Jared Zimbardi

7/17/2010- Shayne Ely

10/16/2010- Jared Zimbardi (Non-Points)

7/16/2011- Jared Zimbardi

8/27/2011- Wayne Johnson

7/14/2012- Jamie Collard

8/25/2012- Justin Barger