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Poirier Wins Fall Nationals at Brockville

Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints Fall Nationals Brockville Speedway Brockville, ONT Saturday October 19, 2019 Feature: 1. 28fm – Steve Poirier 2. 90 – Matt Tanner 3. 28 – Jorden Poirier 4. 87 – Jason […]

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The Cobra Wins at Brockville

Patriot Sprint Tour Brockville Speedway Brockville, ONT Saturday July 21, 2018 Heat 1: 1. 47x-Dylan Westbrook 2. 55-Mark Smith 3. 87-Jason Barney 4. 28fm-Steve Poirier 5. 11-Jamie Turner 6. 38-Tyler Hendricks 7. 76SD- Sean Durrand […]

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Justin Barger Blasts to Patriot Sprint Tour Win at Brockville

Over the years, starting 10th in a Patriot Sprint Tour event typically does not translate in to a trip to Victory Lane. Over the years, sprint car events at Brockville Ontario Speedway can often find passing at a premium; while in general that still remains the case, Justin Barger defied that logic on Saturday Night. […]