Kerry Madsen – Mixed Bag!

Kerry at 34 Raceway (Rob Kocak Photo)
Kerry at 34 Raceway (Rob Kocak Photo)
Kerry at 34 Raceway (Rob Kocak Photo)

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June 13, 2013 – It was a week of mixed results for Kerry Madsen and the Keneric Racing #29 team with the World of Outlaws.  The St. Mary’s, New South Wales driver had a fast car underneath him, and is hoping for a win this weekend, when the WoO hits Jackson Speedway in Minnesota on Friday and Knoxville Raceway in Iowa on Saturday.


Things started at Kokomo last Wednesday.  After qualifying 22nd in the 43-car field, Kerry started 17th in the feature.  “I don’t know quite where we were running at the time, somewhere around fifteenth,” he said.  “We had an issue there on the backstretch and flipped over.  That was that for the night.”


The team was closer to their Iowa headquarters on Friday at the 34 Raceway near West Burlington.  “We qualified o.k. (13th) at Burlington,” says Kerry.  “We tried to hold onto a top two there in the heat, we just weren’t able to (3rd).  Not making the Dash cost us.”


Starting 15th in the feature, it was clear that Kerry had one of the faster cars on the track.

“We had a really good racecar in the feature,” he says.  “We were a lot faster than some of the cars in front of us, but we really had to work to get by them and get some headway.”


He would advance to seventh at the checkers.  “I dropped the ball in the heat race really not making the Dash,” says Kerry.  “We had a good car in the feature and it was good to move up like we did.  You just wish you started closer to the front.”


Kerry timed in eighth quick at Lakeside Speedway near Kansas City, Kansas on Saturday.

“We qualified well,” he says.  “Unfortunately, Sammy (Swindell) was up to his usual tricks at the start of the heat race.  He almost crashed me, and we lost a spot right away.  Unfortunately, we missed the Dash again.”


Kerry would post 12th in the feature.  “We had a good racecar,” he says.  “I spun out going into turn three.  I was able to come back through there up to twelfth in a few laps.  Unfortunately, it took rubber at that point, and we couldn’t make any progress from there.  We had a really good racecar.”


The team is encouraged going into Jackson and Knoxville this weekend.  Kerry won the June Outlaw show at Knoxville in 2012.  “The weekend had some mixed results, but we feel we’re making really good progress on the racecar,” he says.  “You have to get in the Dash to put yourself in position to win.  We’re definitely looking to do that this weekend.”


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