Watson Wins MTS / OTS Feature at South Buxton

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MTS Michigan Traditional Sprints LogoMerlin, ON — (June 15, 2013) —

Watson finally conquered the ‘D’ on Saturday, as he started in the second row, took the lead from Lefroy’s Warren Mahoney on the fifth lap and led the final 20 circuits.
“This is probably one of the toughest tracks I’ve been on,” Watson said about South Buxton.
“The shape of it, the condition of it – it’s so tacky – it took me three years with the wing to get one solid lap here. Tonight I think I had maybe three of them.
“These guys pushed me right to the limit, I ran my guts out,” Watson declared.
It was his first feature win since winning at Shiawassee Speedway in mid-Michigan three years ago.
Rodney’s Justin Martin took second from Mahoney two laps later and took the lead momentarily through turns three and four but Watson slingshot back to the front.
Warren Mahoney finished third, followed by his father Dick Mahoney.
1. John Watson 2. Justin Martin 3.Kyle Patrick 4. Warren Mahoney 5. Dick Mahoney 6. Mark Strpko 7. Joey Irwin 8. Eric Jameson 9. Jason Martin 10. Chris Durand 11. Nick Landon