Boston Wins at Eagle

From Eagle Raceway


Eagle,NE — (July 6, 2013) —  Mike Boston won the 305 sprint car feature Saturday night at Eagle Raceway.

Doug Lovegrove’s  was your first lap leader in the Budweiser IMCA Racesaver 305 Sprint Car A main event followed closely by the 24R of Doug Roth, Nick Bryan’s 52 and the 14G of Gene Acklund. Chase Weiler looped the 21W in turn 4 of lap 2. 1 circuit after the restart Matt Richards moved the #44 to fourth, but Shayle Bade’s 03 spun in turns 3 & 4 to negate the pass. Richards did move to fourth on the next restart. Dan Satriano spun his #95 in turn 3 on lap 4 for another caution. Richards moved to second on the restart, Bryan took third and Mike Boston moved up to fourth in the #51. The next lap Boston advanced to third with Gregg Bolte moving to fourth in the 00. 2 laps later Lovegrove spun in turn 2. That made the top four Richards, Boston, Bolte and Acklund. Boston moved past Richards on the restart. With 5 to go Bade spun again, this time in turn 2 and Lovegrove had nowhere to go and made hard contact with her. Acklund used the restart to move up to third. The final yellow flag of the night came with 2 laps left when the 13 of Eric Reichwaldt stopped on the track. Terry Richards got the 18 into fourth on the final lap.

“This wasn’t my kind of track tonight” Boston said. “I had to move to the bottom to hold off Matt. I didn’t think he could pass me on the high side, so that was my best choice”. Boston’s sponsors include Moock Trucking, Johnson Farm and Woods Performance.


IMCA Sprint 7/6/2013
A Feature:1. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 2. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 3. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 4. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 5. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 6. Gregg Bolte (Fremont, NE), 7. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 8. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 9. Doug Roth (Axtell, NE), 10. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE), 11. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 12. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE), 13. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 14. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 15. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 16. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 17. Chase Weiler (Lincoln, NE), 18. Frank Sheridan (Lincoln, NE), 19. Bill Garrow (Lincoln, NE), 20. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE)

B Feature:1. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 2. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE), 3. Frank Sheridan (Lincoln, NE), 4. Bill Garrow (Lincoln, NE), 5. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE), 6. Mark Vanderheiden (Papillion, NE), 7. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 8. Jeff Edgington (Lincoln, NE), 9. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE)

Heat 1:1. Nate Weiler (Gretna, NE), 2. Doug Lovegrove (Waverly, NE), 3. Nick Bryan (Lincoln, NE), 4. Gregg Bolte (Fremont, NE), 5. Terry Richards (Denton, NE), 6. Lacey Tuttle (Omaha, NE), 7. Frank Sheridan (Lincoln, NE), 8. Dwight Carter (Lincoln, NE)

Heat 2:1. Doug Roth (Axtell, NE), 2. Shayle Bade (Lincoln, ne), 3. Eric Reichwaldt (Plattsmouth, NE), 4. Richard Weers (Lincoln, NE), 5. Chase Weiler (Lincoln, NE), 6. Bill Garrow (Lincoln, NE), 7. Jeff Edgington (Lincoln, NE), 8. Clint Benson (Papillion, NE)

Heat 3:1. Matt Richards (Lincoln, NE), 2. Mike Boston (Alvo, NE), 3. Gene Ackland (Martell, NE), 4. Brandon Horton (Omaha, NE), 5. Dan Satriano (Papillion, NE), 6. Adam Gullion (Lincoln, NE), 7. Keith Dragoo (Lincoln, NE), 8. Mark Vanderheiden (Papillion, NE)