McIntyre and Ballou Win Features at Kokomo

Robert Ballou. - Bill Miller Photo
Robert Ballou. - Jan Dunlap Photo
Robert Ballou. – Jan Dunlap Photo

Kokomo, IN — (July 6, 2013) — Wes McIntyre and Robert Ballou won feature events Sunday night at Kokomo Speedway.  McIntyre won the makeup feature that was rained out on Memorial Day weekend to start the night.  Chad Boespflug, Scotty Weir, Jeff Bland, Jr, and Logan Jarrett rounded out the top five.


In the regularly scheduled feature Ballou and Windom battled for the lead with Windom taking the top spot in the later stages of the race only to have Ballou retake the lead and hold on for the victory.

Makeup feature from May 26th:
1. Wes Mcintyre
2. Chad Boespflug
3. Scotty Weir
4. Jeff Bland, Jr.
5. Logan Jarrett
6. Tyler Hewitt
7. Chris Gurley
8. Parker Price-miller
9. Max Mcghee
10. Dustin Smith
11. Joe Liquori
12. Adam Cruea
13. Tyler Courtney
14. Conner Donnelson
15. Jamie Fredrickson
16. Josh Spencer
17. Jerry Coons
18. Chris Windom
19. Jarett Andretti
20. Chris Phillips

1. Robert Balllou
2. Chris Windom
3. Jerry Coons
4. Jeff Bland, Jr.
5. Scotty Weir
6. Wes Mcintyre
7. Tyler Courtney
8. Chad Boespflug
9. Chris Gurley
10. Parker Price-Miller
11. Conner Donnelson
12. Casey Shuman
13. C.J. Leary
14. Max Mcghee
15. Dustin Smith
16. Tony Main
17. Tyler Hewitt
18. Jace Vander Weerd
19. Gary Taylor
20. Richard Vander Weerd