URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Story


 From Rick Salem

Speedweek rolled on for Rick Salem’s United Rebel Sprint Series with a knock down dragout A-main that saw the thunder and lightning of the URSS check into Rush County Speedway’s 1/4 mile “Bullring”. One more new face would notch a win for the rebels, Great Bend’s Jared Kern would ring the bell for the Friday Night Fight in LaCrosse. With the win, Kern checks in as the seventeenth different feature winner of 2013.



With storm clouds gathering, Liberal, Kansas driver Koby Walters would bring the field to the green flag in his Walters Irrigation #33 but it would be Jared Kern blasting to the point from his outside row one starting position. Kris Miller, Walters, Jake Bubak, and Tyler Knight would be scored in the top five.


Kern would set the pace for the battle with Miller and Bubak right in the #007K’s trolley tracks. Last season’s URSS Colorado Region Champion, Bubak, would shoot around Miller on the fourth circuit taking second.


Meanwhile a back and forth battle would develop mid pack involving two past URSS National Champions, Ray Seemann and Brian Herbert. Topeka young gunner Wyatt Burks would toss his hat into the mix and the battle was on as the trio dodged and dipped their way through traffic battling for a top five run.


Back at the front, the barnburner continued as Bubak continued to dog the leader Kern. Just when Bubak battled through the back markers and it looked like Kern was on the ropes, Mother Nature would land the final haymaker.


With rain pouring down on the battleground the checkered flag would fly with Kern taking the decision. Bubak would settle for the runner up position with Miller third. Seemann would cross the line in fourth with Walters climbing back to fifth.


The Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger award went to Steven Richardson who advanced 7 positions from 14 to finish 7th.


Car Count: 23


Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. Tyler Knight, 2. Taylor Velasquez, 3. Ray Seemann, 4. Richie Dewell, 5. Willie Wynn, 6. Jeff Radcliffe, 7. Shawn Radcliffe, 8. Brandon Sprott


Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. Kris Miller, 2. Jake Bubak, 3.Luke Cranston, 4. Wyatt Burks, 5. Jordan Weaver, 6. Toby Schwein, 7. Jordan Randles, 8. Jeremy Huish


Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. Jared Kern, 2. Koby Walters, 3. Brian Herbert, 4. Darren Bowman, 5. Steven Richardson, 6. Kade Hagans, 7. Jon Webster


Lap Leaders: Jared Kern (1-17)


A Feature (25 Laps): 1. Jared Kern, 2. Jake Bubak, 3. Kris Miller, 4. Ray Seemann, 5. Koby Walters, 6. Wyatt Burks, 7. Steven Richardson, 8. Brian Herbert, 9. Luke Cranston, 10. Taylor Velasquez, 11. Richie Dewell, 12. Jordan Weaver, 13. Darren Bowman, 14. Jordan Randles, 15.Kade Hagans, 16. TOby Schwein, 17. Willie Wynn, 18. Brandon Sprott, 19. DNF Shawn Radcliffe, 20. DNF Tyler Knight, 21. DNF Jeff Radcliffe


2013 Feature Winners: CJ Johnson-2, Luke Cranston-2, Barry Crane-1, Jeff Radcliffe-1, Brian Herbert-1, Ty Williams-1, Darren Bowman-1, Ray Seemann-1, Taylor Velasquez-1, Adam Trimble-1, Mark Walinder-1, Jake Bubak-1, Pat Bourke-1, JD Johnson-1, Steven Richardson-1, Zac Taylor-1, Jared Kern-1