Hodnett Wires For Port Royal Night Before Tuscarora 50 Victory

Greg Hodnett. - Rick Rarer / Sprintcarnews.com Photo
Greg Hodnett. – Rick Rarer / Sprintcarnews.com Photo

From Port Royal Speedway


Port Royal, PA – (September 6, 2013) –Greg Hodnett of Thomasville wired the field for the $5,000 victory in the Night Before The Tuscarora 50 All Star Circuit of Champions sprint car feature at Port Royal Speedway on Friday night.


Hodnett led all 30 laps for his fourth career win in the event having also taken Night Before checkers in 1998, 2002 and in 2003.


In the 20 lap late model main it was Selinsgrove’s Dylan Yoder who surged into the lead when leader Terry Naugle broke near the end of the race although Naugle did earn the unofficial title of 2013 track champion with his run.


Hodnett started second in the Night Before The Tuscarora 50 sprint car feature and drove into control over Brian Leppo when the green flag fell.


Only the first two laps were recorded when the first caution flag unfurled for a stopped Ryan Taylor in the first corner.


The next eight laps went non-stop with Hodnett opening up a straightaway over Leppo before the next caution occurred for a stopped Doug Esh.


Hodnett was trailed by Leppo, Danny Holtgraver, eighth starter Tim Shaffer and Dale Blaney for the restart.


Another lap was notched before another yellow unfurled, this time forcing a stoppage for refueling.


The restart saw Logan Schuchart surge to the front, making advances from his 17th starting spot to break into the top five with 12 laps to go.


And then another yellow slowed the pace for a stopped Brent Marks with 11 laps left.


Hodnett was nearly home free on the final lap when Caleb Helms laid his car over as he ran onto the frontstretch, stopping the race short of the checkers.


The green-white-checkered restart saw Hodnett still easily in control for a cruise to the finish and victory that was his first of the season at the track and 33rd overall of his Port Royal career.


Leppo finished second followed by Holtgraver, Shaffer and Schuchart.


After starting 10th, Blane Heimbach rode home sixth followed by Lance Dewease, TJ Stutts, Cap Henry and Chad Layton.


Heats for the 39-car field went to Layton, Marks, Trey Gustin and Schuchart.


Leppo won the dash to earn the feature pole position and Mike Wagner scored the B Main.


Dale Blaney set fast time in qualifications with a lap of 16.234 seconds.


Naugle started on the pole of the late model feature and had Mike Lupfer in tow when the green flag fell.


Matt Parks ran third in the feature early but fell back as fifth starter Dylan Yoder and ninth starter Coleby Frye worked to the front of the field.


Naugle was struggling to stay ahead of Lupfer as he worked the backmarkers but was getting the job done albeit in close quarters with the traffic when with five laps to go the complexion of the event changed dramatically.


As the field raced toward the stripe for five to go, Naugle’s machine suddenly slowed amid heavy traffic with Lupfer lined up behind while the pair was boxed in by the backmarkers.


When Naugle lost power, Lupfer had to take evasive action to avoid a major catastrophe and in the meantime Yoder and Frye powered by around the outside to take control of the event.


Yoder then blasted to his third career win at the track to his own surprise after the sudden turn of events late in the race.


Frye was second with Lupfer third, Parks in fourth and Mitch Hack completing the top five.


Sixth through 10th went to Andy Haus, Brett Schadel, Tim Fedder, Jerry Bard and Justin Kann.


Heats for the 26-car field went to Yoder, Hack and Parks.



September 6, 2013 feature finishes:


410 sprints, 30 laps, 39 entires: 1. 39-Greg Hodnett[1]; 2. 1Z-Brian Leppo[2]; 3. 45-Danny Holtgraver[3]; 4. 83-Tim Shaffer[8]; 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart[15]; 6. 12-Blane Heimbach[10]; 7. 27-Lance Dewease[5]; 8. 2T-T.J. Stutts[12]; 9. 54-Cap Henry[11]; 10. 7-Chad Layton[16]; 11. 48-Danny Dietrich[19]; 12. 69-Ryan Smith[24]; 13. 2-Dale Blaney[4]; 14. 99M-Kyle Moody[13]; 15. 55-Mike Wagner[23]; 16. 19-Stevie Smith[20]; 17. 27H-Lucas Wolfe[18]; 18. 21-Brian Montieth[14]; 19. 80-Trey Gustin[22]; 20. 40-Caleb Helms[9]; 21. 19M-Brent Marks[21]; 22. 5-Dylan Cisney[17]; 23. 98-Doug Esh[6]; 24. 20-Ryan Taylor[7]

Hard Charger: 69-Ryan Smith[+12]


DNQ: Mark Coldren, Mark Zimmerman, Nicole Bower, Tyler Bear, Mike Erdley, Curt Stroup, Mark Smith, Jacob Allen, Cliff Brian, Adam Wilt, Rodney Westhafer, Rick Lafferty, Davey Sammons, Keith Kauffman, Brock Zearfoss


Late models, 20 laps, 27 entries: 1. Dylan Yoder, 2. Coleby Frye, 3. Mike Lupfer, 4. Matt Parks, 5. Mitch Hack, 6. Andy Haus, 7. Brett Schadel, 8. Tim Fedder, 9. Jerry Bard, 10. Justin Kann, 11. Patrick Bryner, 12. Kerry King, 13. Tim Wilson, 14. Jim Yoder, 15. Derek Byler, 16. Harold Ranck, 17. Mike Mort, 18. Dave Brouse Sr., 19. Nathan Romig, 20. Jason Schmidt, 21. Chuck Haydt Jr., 22. Terry Naugle, 23. Waylon Wagner, 24. Austin Hubbart, 25. Mike Altobelli, 26. Scott Flickinger