Irwin Wins Great Lakes Nationals

Steve Irwin. - T.J. Buffenbarger Photo
Steve Irwin. - T.J. Buffenbarger Photo
Steve Irwin. – T.J. Buffenbarger Photo

From Trevor Hollis


Crystal, MI — (September 14, 2013) —

     After year of trying and a couple of close calls Steve Irwin was able to finally get the Great Lakes Nationals monkey off his back as he was able to hold off non wing new comer Josh Turner and seasoned veteran Brett Mann and pick up the 25 lap feature victory on Saturday night.  Crystal Motor Speedway would welcome 25 Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprints as part of its season ending weekend of racing.  Friday nightwould see to drivers hit the track for four heat races which would set the fields for a couple of mini features that evening with the drivers finishing in odd numbered positions going to one feature and the even placed finishers going to the other. The top eight from each locking into the 25 lap Saturday main event.  In the Odd Feature Brett Mann would hold off Nick Landon and Joe Irwin pick up a checkered flag, and in the even feature Gregg Dallman would find a ton of speed on the top side and hold on for a win over Steve Irwin and Jay Steinbach.
     Saturday night would bring on the last chance qualifiers where the top four would round out the field of 20 cars that would do battle for the feature.  Steven Little, Chris Pobanz, Mike Baker, and Lucas Smith would lock in from that race.  When feature time came, the track would be a much different track than what the drivers had last seen and it would take a lot of guess work to figure out where the car would work best.  For most the top was the preferred line.  Dallman would make his way up through the field but as he was working the top side contact would send him for a wild ride that would end his night.  Dallman would walk away but the car was done for the night.  As Irwin figured out where his car would work best, Turner would lead a number of laps. Steve would eventually reel him in and make his move securing the victory. His first ever Great Lakes Nationals Victory
     With his fourth place victory on Saturday night Joe Irwin would lock up the points championship, his second with the series. Joe will have an opportunity to celebrate his championship with one more non points race at the Silver Bullet Speedway coming up on September 28th. Check out for more details on that race.
Great Lakes Nationals results:
even feature –
1 Gragg Dalman 2.Steve Irwin 3.Jay Stienabach 4.Kevin Hawk 5. Mike Astrauskas 6. Dick Mahoney 7. Don Smith 8. Bill Griffith 9. Steve Little 10. Tom Davies 11. Chris Pobanz 12. Gary Hayward

odd feature-
1. Brett Mann 2. Nick Landon 3. Joey Irwin 4. Josh Turner 5.Mark Irwin 6. Gavin Hunyady 7.Mark Strpko 8. Jim Payne 9. Phil Rutledge 10. Mike Baker 11. Lucas Smith 12. Matt kinsinger 13. Randy Kreple

saturday amain –

1. Steve Irwin 2. Josh Turner 3. Brett Mann 4. Joey Irwin 5 Nick Landon 6. Kevin Hawk 7. Mike Astrauskas 8. Jay Steinabach 9. Chris Pobanz 10. Jim Payne 11. Mike Baker 12. Dick Mahoney 13. Don SMith 14. Lucas Smith 15. Bill Griffith `16. Mark Irwin 17. Mark Strpko 18. Gavin Hunyady 19. Steve Little 20. Gregg Dalman