Viebrock Wins at SCVR

Chase Viebrock. - Track Rat Photo
Chase Viebrock. - Track Rat Photo
Chase Viebrock. – Track Rat Photo


St. Croix Falls, WI — (July 18, 014) — Mike Mueller and Chase Viebrock paced the fourteen UMSS Traditional sprinters to Shaun Cimfl’s green flag for their 25 lap main event Viebrock finding the point early, pursued by fourth-starting Rick Kobs.  First heat race winner Cam Schafer was active again in his #54 mount, working any open clay he could find to move up from his fifth starting spot.  On lap three, it was Jimmy Kouba falling victim to Schafer and Mueller gave up the third spot to Schafer on lap eight.  After bringing out an early caution, Kevin Bradwell had charged through the field and was up to sixth place with just eight laps remaining.  Out front, Viebrock, just thirteen days removed from his first career sprint win at Hibbing Raceway, was looking strong and steady while Schafer continued his charge, taking second away from Kobs on a lap eighteen restart.  A final restart with three laps to go did nothing to change the outcome as Viebrock parked in Anderson’s Maple Syrup Victory Lane for his first SCVR win over Schafer, Kobs, Rob Caho Jr. and Mueller.

UMSS Traditional Sprints

Feature – Chase Viebrock, Cam Shafer, Rick Kobs, Rob Caho Jr., Mike Mueller, Jake Kouba, Jimmy Kouba, Joseph Kouba, Mike Haseltine, Jake Hendrickson, Jori Hughes, Kevin Bradwell (DNF), Mike Walters (DNF), Adam Taubert (DNF)

Heat 1 – Shafer, Viebrock, Joseph Kouba, Caho Jr., Hughes, Walters (DQ), Hendrickson (DNS)

Heat 2 – Jimmy Kouba, Kobs, Haseltine, Mueller, Taubert, Bradwell (DNF), Jake Kouba (DNF)