Christopher Bell wins first Ohio Sprint Car Series event at Atomic Speedway

OSCS Ohio Sprint Car Series

Chillicothe, OH — (March 26, 2016) — Christopher Bell won the first Ohio Sprint Car Series event Saturday night at Atomic Speedway. Bell topped Cap Henry and Cole Duncan for the victory.

Ohio Sprint Car Series (36)

Millhone Motorsports $300 Fast Time Award – Ryan Myers 13.490

Heat 1 – Jac Haudenschild, Cole Duncan, Danny Smith, Jimmy Stinson, Ryan Myers, Josh Davis, David Smith, Brandon Conkel, Mark Imler

Heat 2 – Brandon Wimmer, Christopher Bell, Lee Jacobs, Kory Crabtree, Todd Kane, Beau Stewart, Mike Terry Jr, RJ Perkins, Jesse McCreary

Heat 3 – Cale Thomas, TJ Michaels, Caleb Armstrong, Mark Coleman, Bryan Nuckles, Caleb Helms, Sam Ashworth, Jason Dolick, Sean Hosey

Heat 4 – Cap Henry, Jim Nier, George Hawkins, Ronnie Blair, Brandy Bower, Nate Reeser, Wes McGlumphy, Dallas Hewitt, Ryan Broughton (DNS)

B-Main – Ryan Myers, Todd Kane, Beau Stewart, Caleb Helms, Brandy Bower, Nate Reeser, Dallas Hewitt, Bryan Nuckles, Sam Ashworth, Mike Terry Jr, David Smith, Jesse McCreary, Jason Dolick, Brandon Conkel, Josh Davis, RJ Perkins, Sean Hosey, Mark Imler, Wes McGlumphy

A-Main – Christopher Bell, Cap Henry, Cole Duncan, Jac Haudenschild, Cale Thomas, Lee Jacobs, Danny Smith, Brandon Wimmer, Caleb Armstrong, Kory Crabtree, TJ Michaels, Jim Nier, Todd Kane, Ronnie Blair, Ryan Myers, Beau Stewart, George Hawkins, Mark Coleman, Caleb Helms, Jimmy Stinson
Hard Charger – Christopher Bell 5th to 1st – 5 positions