It’s Chapman in a URSS Thriller in Night One of Bob Salem Memorial!

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By David Smith Jr.
Oberlin, Kansas – August 19, 2017 – URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Storyin Oberlin, Kansas on night one of the two-day “Bob Salem Memorial.”

Tracey Hill and Werner started on the front row for the twenty-five-lap feature with Werner grabbing the lead as the green flag fell. Werner, Ty Williams, Koby Walters and Steven Richardson were the top five after lap one with Werner comfortably out front.

The feature quickly went red on lap six for a Lonnie Cox flip. He was uninjured but done for the night.

On the restart it was still Werner, followed by Hill and Chapman, who had worked his way up through the field from his ninth starting position.

The feature would be slowed one last time on lap nine for John Webster and when race action resumed, so did Werner’s pace out front.

It looked to be Werners night but Chapman had other ideas as the Nebraska veteran passed Hill for the runner-up position with three laps remaining and set his sights on the lead. On the last lap and coming out of turn four for the checkers, Chapman got a run on the leader and would take the victory by a half-car length over Werner.

Eleventh starting and current series point leader Zach Blurton came through the field to finish third while Hill settled for fourth. Fourteenth starting and Keizer Aluminum Wheels “hard charger” Nick Haygood rounded out the top five.

The four, eight lap heat races for the twenty-five-car field were won by Walters, Buddy Tubbs, Mark Walinder and Ty Williams while Blurton won the twelve-lap “B” feature.

Night two of the annual “Bob Salem Memorial,” will come to a conclusion tomorrow (Sunday) night.

United Rebel Sprint Series

Oberlin Speedway/Oberlin, Kansas

August 19, 2017

25 Cars

B Feature (12 Laps): 1) Zach Blurton, 2) Kaden Taylor, 3) Nick Haygood, 4) Nate Berry, 5) Lonnie Cox, 6) Aaron Ploussard, 7) Nick Nichols, 8) Mike Taylor, 9) Darren Berry, 10) Ryan Ellinger, 11) Shane Sundquist, 12) Howard Van Dyke, 13) JD Johnson DNS

A Feature (25 Laps): 1) Toby Chapman, 2) Jed Werner, 3) Zach Blurton, 4) Tracey Hill, 5) Nick Haygood, 6) Koby Walters, 7) Steven Richardson, 8) Buddy Tubbs, 9) Nate Berry, 10) John Webster, 11) Nick Nichols, 12) Kaden Taylor, 13) Scott Cochran, 14) Ty Williams, 15) Aaron Ploussard, 16) Mike Taylor, 17) Mark Walinder, 18) Ryan Ellinger, 19) Keefe Hemel, 20) Lonnie Cox