Zimmerman Zooms to Heart O’ Texas Victory with ASCS Elite Non-Wing

Justin Zimmerman. (Bobby Thomas photo)

From Bryan Hulbert

WACO, Texas (April 9, 2021) – Making it ten career victories with the ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating, Justin Zimmerman topped the Gordon Wolley Classic Friday night at the Heart O’ Texas Speedway.

Fifth to second on the opening lap, Zimmerman trailed Keith Martin through the first part of Friday’s A-Feature. Pacing low on the Heart O’ Texas Speedway, the field slowed on Lap 3 for a pair of cars coming together in the third and fourth turns.

Keeping Zimmerman at bay on the restart, Martin slipped high through turns three and four. Opening the door for Justin, the No. 1 worked even with the No. 79 into the first turn. Drag racing to the back straightaway, the pair made contact, sending the Express Car Wash entry on a wild series of flips. Martin was able to walk away.

Restarting with Dalton Stevens in pursuit, traffic presented a couple of shots at the lead with the No. 99 not able to capitalize. Building distance for a few laps, traffic again bought Stevens within striking distance as the caution lights blinked just after the white flag waved.

Back to green, Dalton Stevens spun to a stop to draw another caution. Final time to the green with Paul White in pursuit, the wily veteran had his hands full with 11th starting. Steven Shebester, lurking on the outside line. Letting Zimmerman pull away, the margin at the line was 1.373-seconds. Paul White held on for second by 0.194-seconds over Steven Shebester, with Cody Price and Mason Smith making up the top-five.

Harli White from 13th came up to sixth with Stephen Smith seventh. Colby Estes followed, with Chase Parson and Scott Evans completing the top ten.

The ASCS Elite Non-Wing Series presented by Abilene Powder Coating goes green again on Saturday, April 10, at Abilene Speedway. Gates open at 5:30 P.M. with racing at 8:00 P.M. (CDT). Admission is $15 for adults, $12 for Senior and Military, and free for kids five and under. Pits are $35.

Abilene Speedway is located at 6825 West Hwy. 80 in Abilene, Texas. For more information, follow the track on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AbileneSpeedway, at http://www.abilenespeedway.com, or by calling (325) 692-8800.

ASCS Elite Non-Wing Sprint Car Series
Heart O’Texas Speedway
Waco, Texas
Friday April 9, 2021

Texas Aeroplastics Heat Race #1 (8 Laps)
1. 31-Mason Smith[2]
2. 1-Paul White[4]
3. 91-Cody Price[6]
4. 22X-Steven Shebester[5]
5. 24-TJ Herrell[1]
6. 72-Harli White[8]
7. 18-Devon Debrick[3]
8. 51X-Ben Saye[7]

Pro Tech Heat Race #2 (8 Laps)
1. #1-Justin Zimmerman[6]
2. 57-Chase Parson[3]
3. 52-JD Fry[1]
4. 48-Caden McCreary[7]
5. 64-Mark Zoeller[4]
6. 118-Scott Evans[5]
7. 44-Jason Howell[2]

SCP Polymers Heat Race #3 (8 Laps)
1. 79X-Keith Martin[5]
2. 99X-Dalton Stevens[6]
3. 71-Colby Estes[2]
4. 3S-Stephen Smith[7]
5. 21-Michelle Parson[4]
6. 33-Mike Merrell[3]
7. 51-Jim Gardner[1]

A-Main (20 Laps)
1. #1-Justin Zimmerman[5]
2. 1-Paul White[4]
3. 22X-Steven Shebester[11]
4. 91-Cody Price[6]
5. 31-Mason Smith[2]
6. 72-Harli White[13]
7. 3S-Stephen Smith[9]
8. 71-Colby Estes[10]
9. 57-Chase Parson[7]
10. 118-Scott Evans[17]
11. 21-Michelle Parson[15]
12. 51X-Ben Saye[21]
13. 18-Devon Debrick[19]
14. 33-Mike Merrell[18]
15. 64-Mark Zoeller[14]
16. 51-Jim Gardner[22]
17. 99X-Dalton Stevens[1]
18. 48-Caden McCreary[8]
19. 79X-Keith Martin[3]
20. 24-TJ Herrell[16]
21. 52-JD Fry[12]
DNS: 44-Jason Howell