Jay Russell Tops the Field at US 36 Raceway with United Rebel Sprint Series

Jay Russell Cherie Peak Photo

By Rick Salem
OSBORN, Missouri (June 4, 2021) – Nineteen cars were in attendance for Friday night’s POWRi Drive to Zero United Rebel Sprint Series debut at US 36 Raceway in Osborn, Missouri. The Missouri weather offered hot conditions, and the racing was even more fierce!

Jay Russell and Jack Potter set the pace for the 25-lap feature event atop the high-banked oval. Russell powered to the lead on lap one, but not without heat from Lincoln, Nebraska’s Stu Snyder on the bottom. Kenny Potter powered to second and began charging for Russell when the caution flew for a car spinning in turn four. The restart saw Snyder and K. Potter dueling for the runner-up position, but not before another caution flew for a car slowing down the backstretch.

When the race resumed, it was Snyder challenging Russell for the lead around the high side this time, but the caution would fly again. The restart provided excellent side-by-side action amongst the top three cars, as Snyder slid to the high side with Russell and K. Potter just to the inside. Russell would prevail back to the lead position. Arcadia, Oklahoma’s Ty Williams began his march forward moving into the fourth position. A caution flew over the field once more for a car spinning in turn four.

When the green flag flew again over the field, K. Potter and Snyder dueled for the runner-up position, meanwhile Williams and Des Moines, Iowa’s Mike Houseman, Jr. challenged each other for fourth. The top six cars were within a straightaway from each other, giving the fans a show well worth the entry. K. Potter moved to second and began a charge on Russell before taking the lead. Snyder would move into second around the high side, but not for long as Russell powered back by Snyder and Potter.

Lap traffic bunched the top six positions back together, all within striking distance for a challenge to the lead. In lap traffic, Snyder would get back to second. Jay Russell went on to win the barn-burner of a feature event and the United Rebel Sprint Series first ever appearance at US 36 Raceway. Stu Snyder finished second, Kenny Potter third, Mike Houseman, Jr. fourth, and Ty Williams rounding out the top-five.

Heat race victories went to Kenny Potter, Kyler Johnson, and Stu Snyder. Jay Russell prevailed in the 6-lap dash for cash. The Keizer Aluminum Wheels hard-charger was awarded to Josh Poe, who finished 11th after advancing 5 positions.

On Saturday, June 5th, the Drive to Zero United Rebel Sprint Series Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing heads to Bethany Speedway in Bethany, Missouri. Saturday’s event will mark yet another first appearance for the United Rebel Sprint Series.

United Rebel Sprint Series

US 36 Raceway – Osborn, Missouri

June 4, 2021

Heat One (8 laps): 1) Kenny Potter, 2) Jay Russell, 3) Jack Potter, 4) Lane Cunningham, 5) Dakota Osborn, 6) Josh Poe, 7) Lindrick Willis

Heat Two (8 laps): 1) Kyler Johnson, 2) Ty Williams, 3) Chad Salem, 4) Chad Jarrett, 5) Kevin Dye, 6) Kevin Frisbie

Heat Three (8 laps): 1) Stu Snyder, 2) Mike Houseman, Jr., 3) JR Topper, 4) Jacob Dye, 5) Camdin Couch, 6) Connor Atkinson

Dash (6 laps): 1) Jay Russell, 2) Jack Potter, 3) Stu Snyder, 4) Kenny Potter, 5) Kyler Johnson, 6) Ty Williams

A-Feature (25 laps): 1) Jay Russell, 2) Stuart Snyder, 3) Kenny Potter, 4) Mike Houseman, 5) Ty Williams, 6) Kyler Johnson, 7) J R Topper, 8) Jack Potter, 9) Jacob Dye, 10) Chad Salem, 11) Josh Poe, 12) Lane Alan Cunningham, 13) Camdin Couch, 14) Lindrick Willis, 15) Kevin Dye, 16) Dakota Osborne, 17) Kevin Frisbie, 18) Chad Jerrett, 19) Conner Atkinson (DNS)