Jeremy Huish Cashes in on First United Rebel Sprint Series Victory of Year at Dodge City Raceway Park

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By Rick Salem
DODGE CITY, Kansas (August 21, 2021) – Sixteen cars checked in for competition with the Drive to Zero United Rebel Sprint Series Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford Racing on Saturday. Racing action took place at the prestigious Dodge City Raceway Park in Dodge City, Kansas. The Jetmore native of Jeremy Huish went on to capture his first victory of the season with the United Rebel Sprint Series on Saturday.

Taylor Velasquez and Kohl Ricke led the field to the drop of the green for feature action. The start saw Jeremy Huish with a blast around the front row to take over the race lead by lap one. Velasquez and Ricke would follow, but Jeremy Campbell was ready to pounce for the third position. On lap two, Campbell made the pass and secured third.

Jordan Knight then challenged Ricke and obtained fourth with three laps in the book. The eight circuit around the 3/8-mile clay oval saw a lead change, when Velasquez was first to the line over Huish. Just one lap later, Huish reclaimed the top position and began navigating lapped traffic. With eleven laps remaining, the caution would fly over competition.

By lap sixteen series point leader, Ty Williams, took over the sixth position from thirteenth. Just four laps later, he advanced to fifth over Colorado’s Todd Plemons. With three laps remaining, Velasquez saw difficulties and fell back throughout the field. Knight took over second with Campbell following in third. Jeremy Huish went on to win the 25-lap feature event with Jordan Knight second. A post-race disqualification saw Ty Williams rounding out the podium finishers, while Todd Plemons and Zach Blurton completed the top-five.

United Rebel Sprint Series

Dodge City Raceway Park – Dodge City, Kansas

August 21, 2021

Heat One (8 laps): 1) Kohl Ricke, 2) Taylor Velasquez, 3) Lance Davis, 4) Ray Seemann, 5) Mike Kleymann, 6) Ty Williams, 7) Kris Moore, 8) Zach Blurton

Heat Two (8 laps): 1) Jeremy Campbell, 2) Jordan Knight, 3) Jeremy Huish, 4) Brian Herbert, 5) Todd Plemons, 6) Kyler Johnson, 7) Tyler Knight, 8) Jon Freeman

Dash (6 laps): 1) Taylor Velasquez, 2) Kohl Ricke, 3) Jeremy Campbell, 4) Jeremy Huish, 5) Lance Davis, 6) Jordan Knight

A Feature (25 laps): 1) Jeremy Huish, 2) Jordan Knight, 3) Ty Williams, 4) Todd Plemons, 5) Zach Blurton, 6) Kyler Johnson, 7) Brian Herbert, 8) Lance Davis, 9) Kris Moore, 10) Jon Freeman, 11) Mike Kleymann, 12) Taylor Velasquez, 13) Kohl Ricke, 14) Ray Seemann, 15) Tyler Knight, 16) Jeremy Campbell