Macri, Danner, and Grube Victorious at Williams Grove

From Shawn Brouse

MECHANICSBURG, Penn. (April 15, 2022) — Over 70 sprint cars took part in the Sprint Sprint Special at Williams Grove Speedway on Friday night with Anthony Macri, Briggs Danner and Dave Grube coming away the winners of the special event.

Macri led all the way to pocket the $5,500 loot in the 25-lap 410 sprint car main.

Danner meanwhile got the lead on lap six of the USAC East 360 sprint feature to score his first career oval victory.

And Grube too would lead all the way in the 305 sprint main to close out the night.

The start of the 25-lap 410 sprint main was red-flagged when four cars tangled in the first corner.

Connected were the machines of Matt Campbell, Logan McCandless, Matt Bollinger and Kyle Moody.

There were no injured but the field was stopped to allow the scene to be cleared.

The new green saw Macri shoot into the lead over Dylan Cisney with Devon Borden getting by Chad Trout for third on the fourth lap.

The only caution flag of the race appeared on lap six for a spun Jared Esh in the third turn.

Macri pulled away on the restart to pick up the win in dominating fashion.

He took the fourth oval win of his career by 1.675 seconds over Cisney.

Ninth starter Freddie Rahmer got by Borden for third with seven laps to go.

Borden was fourth followed by 11th starer Danny Dietrich.

Sixth through 10th went to Chad Trout, Lucas Wolfe, Steve Buckwalter, Alan Krimes and Brent Shearer.

Heats went to Macri, Cisney and Trout.

Danner started fifth in the 25-lap USAC East main before driving to the win.

Tommy Kunsman Jr. led the first circuit before third-generation driver Mike Thompson got the lead away.

Thompson then held sway until Danner poked his way underneath for the lead in the third turn on lap six.

Danner’s pace was slowed twice after getting command with restarts taking place on laps eight and 11.

Defending series point champion Alex Bright drove into second on lap seven but failed to challenge Danner for the victory, instead crossing the line 1.411 seconds behind at the finish.

Kunsman finished third followed by Thompson and Steve Drevicki.

Heats went to Bright, Drevicki and Kunsman.

Dave Grube wired the field in the 305 sprint main, entering lapped traffic on the eighth tour.

Grube withstood three restarts to pick up the win.

Derek Hauck was second followed by Scott Frack, Austin Reed and 13th starter Ken Duke Jr.

Heats went to Doug Dodson, Tyler Snook and Grube.

Feature Finishes


410 sprint cars, 25 laps: 1. Anthony Macri, 2. Dylan Cisney, 3. Freddie Rahmer, 4. Devon Borden, 5. Danny Dietrich, 6. Chad Trout, 7. Lucas Wolfe, 8. Steve Buckwalter, 9. Alan Krimes, 10. Brent Shearer, 11. Pat Cannon, 12. Dylan Norris, 13. TJ Stutts, 14. Justin Whittall, 15. Austin Bishop, 16. Jared Esh, 17. Tyler Reeser, 18. Chris Arnold, 19. Chase Dietz, 20. Matt Campbell, 21. Kyle Moody, 22. Aaron Bollinger, 23. Logan McCandless

USAC East sprint cars, 25 laps: 1. Briggs Danner, 2. Alex Bright, 3. Tommy Kunsman, 4. Mike Thompson, 5. Steve Drevicki, 6. Joey Amantea, 7. Christian Bruno, 8. Kenny Miller III., 9. Nash Ely, 10. Preston Lattomus, 11. Jonathan Swanson, 12. Steve Wilbur, 13. Mark Smith, 14. Jermain Godshall, 15. Ed Aikin, 16. Troy Fraker, 17. Jason Cherry, 18. Billy Ney, 19. Lee Kauffman, 20. Bruce Buckwalter, 21. David Swanson

DNS: Dylan Hoch, Aiden Borden

305 sprint cars, 20 laps: 1. Dave Grube, 2. Derek Hauck, 3. Scott Frack, 4. Austin Reed, 5. Ken Duke Jr., 6. Doug Dodson, 7. Logan Spahr, 8. Kruz Kepner, 9. Jusitn Mills, 10. Mike Alleman, 11. Ian Detweiler, 12. Erin Statler, 13. Dylan Smith,14. Tyler Snook, 15. Larry McVey, 16. Dustin Young, 17. Johnny Scarborough, 18. Donnie Hendershott, 19. Owen Dimm, 20. Ryan Neil, 21. Denny Gross, 22. Donevyn Knokey, 23. Eric Hendershot, 24. Domenic Melair

DNS: Branstin Shue