Dewease Wins at Williams Grove

From Shawn Brouse
Mechanicsburg – Lance Dewease pocketed his second Williams Grove Speedway 410 sprint car win of the season on Friday night, taking a $6,000 victory in the Randy Wolfe Tribute World of Outlaw Tune Up race.

In the 358 sprint main, Derek Locke returned to victory lane as well for the second time this season.

The start of the 25-lap Wolfe Tribute event was slowed when outside polesitter Devon Borden bicycled on the turn two cushion and spun.

Borden’s misfortune put Dewease on the front row for the new start and the Fayetteville flyer wasted little time taking control when the green flag reappeared.

The leader was then slowed for a spun Tyler Ross on the fourth lap.

Jeff Halligan saw Freddie Rahmer wrestle second away on the restart as Dewease pulled out to a four second lead by lap nine.

Dylan Norris took third with six away.

A final caution flag on lap 13 regrouped the field with Rahmer proving no match for Dewease.

The ensuing laps showcased a great battle between Norris and Troy Wagaman Jr. for the third spot as the pair repeatedly got by one another for the position only to see the former again reclaim the position.

Wagaman did finally secure the spot with two laps to go before closing on Rahmer.

And Wagaman did indeed get by Rahmer for second as the pair raced through turns three and four as they headed to the checkers but Rahmer was able to muscle back in front by the finish.

Dewease crossed the line by 4.550 seconds ahead of Rahmer.

It was Dewease’s 105th career victory at Williams Grove.

Wagman was third followed by Norris and Chase Dietz.

Sixth through 10th went to Lucas Wolfe, Jeff Halligan, Brandon Rahmer, Devon Borden and Robbie Kendall.

Heats worth $75 courtesy of Jim and Laura Allebach went to Dewease, Halligan and Norris.

Chase Dietz was the PA Dyno Hard Charger and he also earned the Orange Crate Brewing Company Randy Wolfe Tribute Bonus worth $555 for finishing in the fifth spot.

Halligan earned the pole for the main by winning the dash.

Dewease set fast time over the field with a lap of 17.233 seconds.

Locke took the lead from Matt Findley on lap eight of the 20 lap 358 sprint main after starting the race sixth.

Findley had led from the beginning after starting on the pole and while running the bottom lane he allowed just enough room in turn one for Locke to get a nose to his inside, allowing for the race winning pass.

Locke began lapping cars with four laps to go and cruised to the win by 3.430 seconds ahead of Findley with Doug Hammaker, Chad Criswell and Nash Ely completing the top five.

Sixth through 10th went to Brett Wanner, Cameron Smith, Cody Fletcher, Steve Owings and Devin Adams.

Heats went to Findley, Cody Phillips and Wanner with Tyler Brehm scoring the consolation race.

The Champion Racing Oil World of Outlaws Summer Nationals are coming up July 22 and 23 at the speedway, getting underway at 7:30 both nights.

Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Friday, July 15, 2022

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. 69k-Lance Dewease
2. 8e-Freddie Rahmer
3. 19w-Troy Wagaman
4. 44-Dylan Norris
5. 39-Chase Dietz
6. 5w-Lucas Wolfe
7. 45-Jeff Halligan
8. 5e-Brandon Rahmer
9. 23-Devon Borden
10. 1w-Robbie Kendall
11. 1x-Chad Trout
12. 99m-Kyle Moody
13. 19r-Matt Campbell
14. 1m-Mark Smith
15. 5-Tyler Ross
16. 35-Chad Kemenah
17. 35s-Jason Shultz
18. 22-Bryn Gohn
19. 12s-Brent Shearer
20. 5j-John Walp
21. 4l-Dwight Leppo

Winged 358 Sprint Cars

1. 77-Derek Locke
2. 28-Matt Findley
3. 66h-Doug Hammaker
4. 84m-Chad Criswell
5. 22-Nash Ely
6. 54-Brett Wanner
7. 69-Cameron Smith
8. 66a-Cody Fletcher
9. 35-Steve Owings
10. 99a-Devin Adams
11. 21r-Tyler Brehm
12. 21t-Scott Fisher
13. 2-Kody Hartlaub
14. 59-Steve Wilbur
15. 17k-Kyle Keen
16. 00-Chris Frank
17. 70d-Frankie Herr
18. 38s-Jordan Strickler
19. 99-Zachary Cool
20. 7w-Jayden Wolf
21. 27-Jake Galloway
22. 21m-Zach Newlin
23. 28t-Tim Stallings
24. 6-Cody Phillips