Kyle Schuett, Travis Arenz and Zach Boden at Plymouth Dirt Track

Kyle Schuett PDTR IRA 410 Sprint Car A-main winner July 30, 2022 JW's Car and Raccing Photos

July 30, 2022 – It was a Wisconsin open wheel race fans paradise as the Bumper to Bumper Interstate Racing Association 410 Sprint Car Series, Plymouth Dirt Track Racing-Akright Auto Midwest Sprint Car Association 360 Sprint Cars and Badger Midgets converged on The Plymouth Dirt Track at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, Wis. for the Badger State Open Wheel special three-division racing program Saturday, July 30.

Kyle Schuett of Philo, Ill. notched his first career IRA 410 Sprint Car Series A-main victory in flag-to-flag fashion in the 30-lap main event.

Defending PDTR 360 Sprint Car champion and current points leader Travis Arenz of Sheboygan executed a late-race pass to secure his sixth 25-lap PDTR 360 Sprint Car A-main triumph of the 2022 campaign.

Zach Boden of Cambridge made it two-for-two on the season at The Plymouth Dirt Track as he notched his second Badger Midget A-main victory of the season in the 25-lap main event.

Kyle Schuett, who started on the pole, outpowered two-time IRA champion Scotty Neitzel of Beaver Dam, who started second, to take the lead on the opening lap of the 30-lap IRA A main.

By lap 5, Schuett rode the cushion to build up a full straightaway cushion over IRA rookie Tyler Tischendorf, who started third. Schuett caught the back of the 22-car field on lap six before the red flag appeared on lap 7 when two-time IRA champion and current points leader Jake Blackhurst of Hanna City, Ill. flipped in turn two.

Following the restart, Neitzel ducked low to power past Tischendorf to take over the runner-up spot exiting turn four on lap 8. Two laps later, Jordan Goldesberry, who started fourth, followed Neitzel into third in the running order.

Schuett began to encounter lapped traffic on lap 13, which allowed Neitzel to close in on lap 18. As the leaders continued to weave their way through heavy lapped traffic, eighth starter Danny Schlafer of Sussex moved in to slip past Neitzel in turn four on lap 28.

On the final lap, Schlafer dove low to briefly pull alongside the high groove hugging Schuett. However, Schuett used the momentum of the outside line to power away from Schlafer down the backstretch and through the final two turns en route to his initial IRA A-main triumph.

Schlafer had to settle for second, Neitzel placed third, Goldesberry took fourth and 2016 IRA champion Jeremy Schultz of Beaver Dam rounded out the top five, after starting seventh.

Polesitter Lance Fassbender of Burnett took the lead on the opening lap of the PDTR-MSA 360 Sprint Car A main as outside front row starter Bill Taylor of Boltonville slipped into second.

Fassbender, who captured the 2008 PDTR 360 Sprint Car championship, held tight to the low groove with Taylor following closely in his tire tracks through the opening laps of the race. On lap 8, Travis Arenz, who started eighth, worked his way into fourth before using a high move to seize third on lap 10.

Travis Arenz
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As the leader encountered lapped traffic, Arenz capitalized by bolting past Taylor into second in turn one on lap 18. Meanwhile, Fassbender was finding the going challenging at the front of the field as he tried in vain to work around a lapped car, which allowed the stalking Arenz to pounce.

When Fassbender drifted high, Arenz dove low to seize the top spot entering turn one on lap 20. Arenz then pulled away to notch his sixth PDTR 360 Sprint Car A-main victory of the 2022 season in nine attempts, 16th career PDTR 360 Sprint Car main event win and 28th career Midwest Sprint Car Association A-main triumph in the caution-free race.

Fassbender finished second, Taylor was third, Robbie Pribnow of Lomira, who started fourth, steered the No. 47 car normally driven by Blake Wondra to fourth and ninth starter Tim Haddy of Waupun placed fifth.

The initial start of the 25-lap Badger Midgets A main was aborted when Jordan Nelson of Colgate flipped in turn two.

2016 PDTR Micro Sprint champion Zach Boden, who lined up fifth on the original start, used a huge run along the low groove to seize the lead in turn four on the opening lap as Daltyn England of Springfield, Ill., who started second, settled into second.

Zach Boden
JW’s Car and Raccing Photos

On lap 3, seventh starter Jack Routson of Waterman, Ill. worked his way underneath England to move into second and quickly set his sights on Boden. Routson was closing in on the lead when a caution flag was displayed on lap 9 after Trey Weishoff of Sun Prairie stopped along the backstretch.

When the race resumed, Routson was hustling his car to keep pace with Boden at the front of the field when he jumped the cushion and spun in turn two on lap 13 to bring out the third yellow/red flag of the race.

After another yellow flag on the restart for an incident involving Dave Collins of Lake Mills and Cody Weisensel of Sun Prairie in turn two on lap 13, Boden again pulled away while 16th starter Jake Neuman worked the high line to move into third on lap 16 and second on lap 17.

On lap 23, the red flag was displayed when Charles Rufi of New Glarus flipped in turn two to set up a green-white-checked flag finish. Boden held strong on the restart to hold off the hard-charging Neuman on the way to his second main event victory of the 2022 season at The Plymouth Dirt Track and his third career Badger Midgets A-main win.

Neuman was second, England placed third, sixth starter Kyle Stark of Marshall took fourth and Kevin Douglas of Madison, who started ninth, wound up fifth.

Jordan Goldesberry was the IRA 410 Sprint Car fast qualifier with a lap of 11.750 seconds.

In his first start of the 2022 season, Jason Johnson of Campbellsport was the fastest PDTR-MSA 360 Sprint Car overall qualifier with a lap of 12.366 seconds.

Jake Neuman earned the Badger Midgets fast qualifier award with a lap of 13.749 seconds.

Tony Wondra of Campbellsport won the 12-lap 360 Sprint Car B main.

Jake Neuman won the 10-lap Badger Midgets B Main.

The ninth full PDTR program of the 2022 campaign, which was sponsored by Jensen Sales and Service, drew a total field of 76 cars, including 22 IRA 410 Sprint Cars, 27 PDTR-MSA 360 Sprint Cars and 27 Badger Midgets.

The next PDTR racing program on Saturday, Aug. 6 will feature the inaugural Plymouth Racing Wall of Fame Class of 2022 induction with 10 drivers, four track workers and three racing families honored for their contributions to the racing program at Plymouth since its inception in 1950.

In addition, the Aug. 6 PDTR program is Kids Autograph Night with backpack and checkered flag giveaways courtesy of Hopf Farms.

Spectator gates open at 4:30 p.m. with 360 Sprint Car hot laps/group qualifying at 5:30 p.m. and racing to begin at 6 p.m.

The new book “Racing Recollections – Plymouth Racetrack Fans & Drivers 1950-2021” by Dennis Darovich of Sheboygan, George Baumann of Waupun and Verla Peichl of Sheboygan Falls will be available for purchase at every race during the 2022 PDTR season, as well as at the Sheboygan County Fair office during regular business hours and online at and

The Plymouth Dirt Track at the Sheboygan County Fairgrounds is located at 229 Fairview Drive in Plymouth, Wis. For more information, visit or check out Plymouth Dirt Track Racing on Facebook.



1, Jordan Goldesberry 11.750 2, Kyle Schuett 11.767 3, Austin Hartmann 11.769 4, Danny Schlafer 11.785 5, Scotty Neitzel 11.841 6, Jereme Schroeder 11.926 7, Todd Daun 11.937 8, Tyler Tischendorf 11.968 9, Jake Blackhurst 11.972 10, Jeremy Schultz 11.990 11, Russel Borland 11.990 12, Hunter Custer 12.020 13, Steve Meyer 12.026 14, Jake Neuman 12.070 15, Blake Nimee 12.107 16, Dave Uttech 12.112 17, Jack Vanderboom 12.174 18, Preston Ruh 12.388 19, Kris Spitz 12.415 20, Scott Conger 12.622 21, Kevin Karnitz 12.691 22, Jake Routson (no time).


1, Jeremy Schultz 2, Danny Schlafer 3, Jordan Goldesberry 4, Todd Daun 5, Steve Meyer 6, Kris Spitz 7, Dave Uttech 8, Jack Routson (DNS).


1, Tyler Tischendorf 2, Russel Borland 3, Scotty Neitzel 4, Jake Neuman 5, Kyle Schuett 6, Jack Vanderboom 7, Scott Conger.


1, Jake Blackhurst 2, Blake Nimee 3, Hunter Custer 4, Austin Hartmann 5, Jeremy Schroeder 6, Preston Ruh 7, Kevin Karnitz.


1, Kyle Schuett 2, Tyler Tischendorf 3, Todd Daun 4, Jeremy Schultz 5, Jereme Schroeder.


1, Scotty Neitzel 2, Jordan Goldesberry 3, Jake Blackhurst 4, Danny Schlafer 5, Austin Hartmann.


1, Kyle Schuett 2, Danny Schlafer 3, Scotty Neitzel 4, Jordan Goldesberry 5, Jeremy Schultz 6, Blake Nimee 7, Steve Meyer 8, Jake Neuman 9, Tyler Tischendorf 10, Russel Borland 11, Todd Daun 12, Austin Hartmann 13, Kris Spitz 14, Preston Ruh 15, Jereme Schroeder 16, Scott Conger 17, Jack Vanderboom 18, Hunter Custer 19, Dave Uttech 20, Kevin Karnitz 21, Jake Blackhust 22, Jack Routson (DNS).



1, Jason Johnson 12.366 2, Lance Fassbender 12.453 3, Anthony Knierim 12.473 4, Nick Daywalt 12.496 5, Travis Arenz 12.503 6, Donny Goeden 12.547 7, Tyler Brabant 12.568 8, Dylan Winkel 12.651 9, Shane Wenninger 12.668 10, Bill Taylor 12.686 11, Robbie Pribnow 12.722 12, Kurt Davis 12.759 13, Mike Yurmanovich 12.759 14, Tony Wondra 12.788 15, Will Gerrits 12.788 16, Brandon Berth 12.814 17, Justin Miller 12.862 18, Katelyn Krebsbach 12.865 19, Alex Pokorski 12.880 20, Justin Erickson 12.895 21, J.J. Pagel 13.065 22, Chris Clayton 13.086 23, Tyler Davis 13.094 24, Kevin Seidler 13.387 25, Doug Wondra 3.537 26, Randy Post 14.867 27, Tim Haddy no time.


1, Travis Arenz 2, Nick Daywalt 3, Lance Fassbender 4, Jason Johnson 5, Ben Schmidt 6, Justin Miller 7, Dylan Winkel 8, Tyler Davis 9, Katelyn Krebsbach.


1, Kurt Davis 2, Robbie Pribnow 3, Bill Taylor 4, Tim Haddy 5, Alex Pokorski 6, Tony Wondra 7, J.J. Pagel 8, Kevin Seidler 9, Tyler Brabant.


1, Will Gerrits 2, Brandon Berth 3, Anthony Knierim 4, Mike Yurmanovich 5, Justin Erickson 6, Shane Wenninger 7, Chris Clayton 8, Doug Wondra 9, Randy Post (DNS).


1, Tony Wondra 2, Shane Wenninger 3, Tyler Davis 4, Katelyn Krebsbach 5, Tyler Brabant 6, Doug Wondra 7, Chris Clayton 8, Dylan Winkel 9, Kevin Seidler 10, J.J. Pagel 11, Randy Post (DNS).


1, Travis Arenz 2, Lance Fassbender 3, Bill Taylor 4, Robbie Pribnow 5, Tim Haddy 6, Anthony Knierim 7, Donny Goeden 8, Nick Daywalt 9, Will Gerrits 10, Kurt Davis 11, Brandon Berth 12, Justin Erickson 13, Alex Pokorski 14, Shane Wenninger 15, Jason Johnson 16, Justin Miller 17, Tyler Davis 18, Tyler Brabant 19, Tony Wondra 20, Mike Yurmanovich 21, Katelyn Krebsbach 22, Doug Wondra.



1, Jake Neuman 13.749 2, Jack Routson 13.767 3, Kyle Stark 13.811 4, Zach Boden 13.857 5, Tyler Baran 13.952 6, Jace Sparks 14.011 7, Aaron Muhle 14.193 8, Mike Stroik 14.201 9, Daltyn England 14.214 10, Jack Vanderboom 14.226 11, R.J. Corson 14.399 12, Kevin Douglas 14.409 13, Cody Weisensel 14.490 14, Charles Rufi 14.672 15, Dave Collins Jr. 14.745 16, Jordan Nelson 14.748 17, Jeremy Douglas 14.750 18, Charlie Spoonmore 14.905 19, Jake Goeglein 14.992 20, Trey Weishoff 15.017 21, Charles Kunz 15.021 22, Jim Fuerst 15.172 23, Kyle Koch 15.356 24, Harrison Kleven 15.387 25, Miles Quandt 16.107 26, Dwight Stefan 18.179 27, Bryon Walters 18.179.


1, Harrison Klevin 2, Kyle Koch 3, Miles Quandt 4, Dwight Stefan 5, Bryon Walters 6, Jim Fuerst.


1, Daltyn England 2, Kyle Stark 3, Dave Collins Jr. 4, Charles Kunz 5, Kevin Douglas 6, Jace Sparks 7, Charlie Spoonmore.


1, Jack Routson 2, R.J. Corson 3, Jeremy Douglas 4, Mike Stroik 5, Trey Weishoff 6, Charles Rufi 7, Tyler Baran.


1, Zach Boden 2, Cody Weisensel 3, Jack Vanderboom 4, Aaron Muhle 5, Jordan Nelson 6, Jake Goeglein 7, Jake Neuman (DNS).


1, Jake Neuman 2, Jake Goeglein 3, Tyler Baran 4, Charles Rufi 5, Harrison Kleven 6, Jace Sparks 7, Kyle Koch 8, Jim Fuerst 9, Charlie Spoonmore 10, Miles Quandt 11, Dwight Stefan 12, Bryon Walters (DNS).


1, Zach Boden 2, Jake Neuman 3, Daltyn England 4, Kyle Stark 5, Kevin Douglas 6, Aaron Muhle 7, R.J. Corson 8, Jack Routson 9, Jeremy Douglas 10, Tyler Baran 11, Jack Vanderboom 12, Charles Kunz 13, Jace Sparks 14, Kyle Koch 15. Trey Weishoff 16, Charles Rufi 17, Dave Collins Jr. 18, Cody Weisensel 19, Jake Goeglein 20, Harrison Kleven 21, Mike Stroik 22, Jordan Nelson.