Roahrig Romps to 500 Sprint Car Tour Victory at Berlin

Tyler Roahrig with his team in victory lane Saturday at Berlin Raceway. (T.J. Buffenbarger photo)

By T.J. Buffenbarger

MARNE, Mich. (September 10, 2022) — Tyler Roahrig completed a clean sweep of non-wing sprint car competition for the 2022 season at Berlin Raceway after winning the 500 Sprint Car Tour feature. Roahrig, from Plymouth, Indiana, backed up his victory on June 11th at Berlin by taking the lead from Dakota Armstrong after a mid-race restart. The win was Roahrig’s third sprint car victory of the 2022 season.

With four hours between qualifying and when the sprint cars took to the track at Berlin for their main event main drivers including Roahrig were concerned about how their cars would handle. Roahrig ended up making the right choices as his car was on a rail after being patient during the early portion of the feature.

“I don’t run bleeders, so I think it takes me a few laps to get rolling, and the man as soon as it got rolling it was it was really good,” said Roahrig. “I just had to be careful, be patient making some of those passes, and we got to lead. Then the yellow came out. I had to pass them out in the open which took a little longer, but it was all good. I was just I was trying to be really patient and not take any dumb risks or anything and it worked out good. The car handled well, just a just a great night overall.”

Dakota Armstrong and Kyle O’Gara started on the front row for the 40-lap main event. Armstrong took the lead early in the event with O’Gara in his tire tracks. Behind them Bobby Santos III, Kody Swanson, and Taylor Ferns were having a spirited battle for the third position on back.

Seven laps into the feature Roahrig began to make his move up from the eight starting position driving by Weese and Ferns to enter the top five. Two laps later Roahrig passed Swanson on the outside for the fourth position.

On lap 12 Roahrig got to the outside of Santos and entered the top three. Three laps later slower traffic boxed the leaders in and allowed Roahrig to briefly take the lead until a crash occurred in turn three when Ferns and Jim Sheets made contact going into turn three and collected Wease. All three drivers were unable to continue in the event.

Armstrong pulled away from O’Gara during the restart while Roahrig bided his time. On lap 20 Roahrig made his move passing O’Gara on the outside before taking the lead from Armstrong on lap 24. From there Roahrig pulled away from the field for the victory. O’Gara was able to slip by Armstrong for second. Swanson and Santos round out the top five.

Roahrig was last the fastest qualifier in the 19-car field with lap of 15.624 seconds.

500 Sprint Car Tour
Berlin Raceway
Marne, Michigan
Saturday, September 10, 2022

1. 56-Tyler Roahrig, 15.624
2. 44-Kody Swanson, 15.756
3. 80-Billy Wease, 15.768
4. 55-Taylor Ferns, 15.875
5. 74-Tony Main, 16.066
6. 22A-Bobby Santos III, 16.091
7. 67-Kyle O’Gara, 16.196
8. 1-Dakota Armstrong, 16.272
9. 31-Derek Bischak, 16.278
10. 53-Justin Harper, 16.299
11. 64-Jake McElfresh, 16.376
12. 28-Jeff Bloom, 16.474
13. 42-Jason Blonde, 16.474
14. 18-Jim Sheets, 16.533
15. 44-Teddy Alberts, 16.559
16. 27-Chris Jagger, 16.727
17. 11G-Tom Geren, 16.740
18. 82-Nick Landon, 16.803
19. 11-Tom Patterson, 17.355

Feature (40 Laps):
1. 56-Tyler Roahrig
2. 67-Kyle O’Gara
3. 1-Dakota Armstrong
4. 44-Kody Swanson
5. 22A-Bobby Santos III
6. 31-Derek Bischak
7. 64-Jake McElfresh
8. 28-Jeff Bloom
9. 53-Justin Harper
10. 74-Tony Main
11. 42-Jason Blonde
12. 82-Nick Landon
13. 11G-Tom Geren
14. 27-Chris Jagger
15. 55-Taylor Ferns
16. 80-Billy Wease
17. 18-Jim Sheets
18. 44-Teddy Alberts
19. 11-Tom Patterson