Perigo Two-For-Two with BOSS

MILLERSBURG, Ohio (May 5, 2023) — Carmen Perigo won the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series feature Friday night at Hilltop Speedway. The victory was Perigo’s second straight win with the series after winning the 2023 season opener on April 21st at Ohio Valley Speedway. Cody Gardner, Isaac Chapple, Ricky Lewis, and Joey Amantea rounded out the top five.

Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series
Hilltop Speedway
Millersburg, Ohio
Friday, May 5, 2023

1. 21J-Carmen Perigo
2. 9G-Cody Gardner
3. 6-Isaac Chapple
4. 41-Ricky Lewis
5. 88J-Joey Amantea
6. 20W-Tayte Williamson
7. 1H-Korbyn Hayslett
8. 19-Matt Cooley
9. 53-Steve Little
10. 87-Paul Dues
11. 24L-Lee Underwood
12. 002-Garret Mitchell
13. 73-Blake Vermillion
14. 49-Brian Ruhlman
15. 001-Greg Mitchell
16. 13-Jeremy Duposki
17. 5V-Jesse Vermillions
18. 34-Parker Fredrickson
19. 2DI-Dustin Ingle
20. 97X-Rodney Hurst