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By Pete Walton

HARRISBURG, AR – Derek Hagar of Marion, AR has turned the Hat Trick in United Sprint Car Series 2023 Speedweek Presented by Engler Tool and Machine. Hagar started fourth and drove the Ameripanel Special to his third straight USCS Speedweek win on Sunday night in the 30-lap Main Event at Old No. 1 Speedway.

Hagar also collected the big checks and the trophies at the first two USCS Speedweek Rounds at Lexington (TN) 104 Speedway on Friday night, and on Saturday night at Riverside International Speedway in West Memphis, AR.

The defending USCS Speedweeks Champion Dale Howard of Byhalia, MS finished second for the second time in the first three Speedweek races and Marshall Skinner of Marion, AR took the third spot. Hayden Martin of Olive Branch, MS was fourth, and Chase Howard of Nesbit, MS drove to a fifth-place finish.

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Inductee and 14-time USCS National Champion Terry Gray of Bartlett, TN was the Hard Charger of the Race after starting 15th and finishing sixth. Dewayne White of Byhalia, MS took the seventh spot and eighth went to Brad Bowden of Hernando, MS. Landon Crawley of Benton, AR was ninth, and Ryan Harrison of Rothwell, United Kingdom rounded out the top ten.

In preliminary action, Dale Howard earned the pole position for the Main Event with a win the six-lap Hoosier Racing Tire Speed Dash. The four ten-lap Heat Races were won by Hagar in the Engler Tool and Machine first heat, White in the JJ Supply of NC second heat, Bowden in the DHR third heat, and Dale Howard in the Huggins Cams fourth heat. Gray won the 12-lap B-Main.

There were 28 USCS drivers in the house at Old No. 1 Speedway on Sunday night representing nine different states and Great Britain. There were nine drivers from Mississippi, six drivers from Arkansas, four drivers from Tennessee, three drivers from Louisiana, and one driver from Indiana, Wyoming, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Florida.

The USCS Speedweek Tour will take a three-day break before traveling to North Alabama Speedway in Tuscumbia, AL on Thursday night, June 1. Then it’s off to Hattiesburg Speedway in Hattiesburg, MS on Friday night, June 2. The 2023 USCS Speedweek Presented by Engler Tool and Machine finale will be at Whynot Motorsports Park in Meridian, MS on Saturday night, June 3.

For more information about the 18th Annual USCS Speedweeks Presented By Engler Machine & Tool visit the United Sprint Car Series web site at www.uscsracing.com, or call Pete Walton at 770-865-6097. The USCS Facebook Page is located at www.facebook.com/uscs.racing.

United Sprint Car Series Marketing Partners are K&N Filters, Engler Machine & Tool, Hoosier Racing Tire, Hero Graphics, DMI, J&J Supply of NC, Racing Electronics, JE Pistons, DHR Suspension, Wilwood Disc Brakes, KSC Racing Products, PRO Shocks, Schoenfeld Headers, and Arizona Sport Shirts.


FEATURE RACE – 30 Laps: 1. Derek Hagar, Marion, AR; 2. Dale Howard, Byhalia, MS; Marshall Skinner, Marion, AR; 4. Hayden Martin, Olive Branch, MS; 5. Chase Howard, Nesbit, MS; 6. Terry Gray, Bartlett, TN; 7. Dewayne White, Byhalia, MS; 8. Brad Bowden, Hernando, MS; 9. Landon Crawley, Benton, AR; 10. Ryan Harrison, Rothwell, NTH; 11. Terry Witherspoon, Jacksonville, FL; 12. Koty Adams, Haughton, LA; 13. Ernie Ainsworth, Bartlett, TN; !4. Ronny Howard, Nesbit, MS; 15. Jeff Willingham, Ripley, MS; 16. Todd Bradford, Arlington, TN; 17. Lance Moss, Cherryville, NC; 18. Dusty Young, Benton, AR; 19. Ryan Roberts, Aurora, NE; 20. Jake Brashier, Denham Springs, LA; 21. Cody Howard, Byhalia, MS; 22. Jan Howard, Marion, AR; 23. Zach Pringle, Benton, AR.

HOOSIER RACING TIRE SPEED DASH – 6 Laps: 1. D. Howard’ 2/ Bowden; 3. Skinner; 4. Hagar; 5. Martin; 6. White.

HEAT RACES – 8 Laps:

ENGLER TOOL AND MACHINE HEAT 1: 1. Hagar; 2. Martin; 3. Pringle; 4. Young; 5. Co. Howard; 6. Paul Jones, Casper, WY; 7. Caden Englehart, Terre Haute, IN DNS.

JJ SUPPLY OF NC HEAT 2: 1. White; 2. Skinner; 3. R. Howard; 4. Gray; 5. Crawley; 6. J. Howard; 7. D.L. (Tank) Brashier, Ethel, LA DNS.

DHR HEAT 3: 1. Bowden; 2. Witherspoon; 3. Bradford; 4. Willingham; 5. Moss; 6. Harrison; 7. Adams.

HUGGINS CAMS HEAT 4: 1. D. Howard; 2. Ainsworth; 3. Ch. Howard; 4. Wade Buttrey, Fairview, TN; 5. Roberts; 6. J. Brashier; 7. Hannah Merritt, Nesbit, MS.

B-MAIN – 12 Laps (Top 8 Transfer To Main Event): 1. Gray; 2. Crawley; 3. Harrison; 4. Co. Howard; 5. Adams; 6. J. Howard; 7. Moss; 8. J. Brashier; 9. Roberts; 10. Jones; 11. Merritt; 12. Buttrey DNS; 13. Englehart DNS; 14. D. Brashier DNS.