Perigo Wins BOSS Feature at PPMS

IMPERIAL, Pa. (July 1, 2023) — Carmen Perigo passed Ricky Lewis on the final lap to win the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series feature Saturday at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. The victory was Perigo’s fifth of the 2023 season. Ricky Lewis, Isaac Chapple, Korbyn Hayslett, and Paul Dues rounded out the top five.

Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series
Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway
Imperial, Pennsylvania
Saturday, July 1, 2023

1. 21-Carmen Perigo
2. 41-Ricky Lewis
3. 6-Isaac Chapple
4. 1H-Korbyn Hayslett
5. 87-Paul Dues
6. 24L-Lee Underwood
7. 9G-Cody Gardner
8. 49-Brian Ruhlman
9. 5V-Jesse Vermillion
10. 53-Steve Little
11. 34-Parker Frederickson
12. 87X-Jim Dues
13. 73-Blake Vermillion
14. M4-Louie Mattes