Sweet Wins Thrilling Main Event at Perth

Brad Sweet. (T.J. Buffenbarger photo)

KWINANA BEACH, W.A. (December 28, 2023) — Less than 24 hours after arriving in Australia, Brad Sweet found himself in victory lane after winning the 30-lap feature during WA vs USA Speedweek at Perth Motorplex.

Sweet had to earn his first victory during his winter Australian tour trading the lead multiple times with Callum Wiliamson before pulling away during the late stages of the event.

Williamson led the opening laps with Cory Eliason and Sweet in pursuit. James Inglis brought out the first caution spinning after having a flat right rear. Brock Zearfoss, also involve in the incident, had to go to the infield with a left left front tire and front end damage.

Williamson pulled away during the restart as Abreu moved up to fourth position and started racing with Jamie Dack for fifth.

11 laps in Sweet closed in on Williamson while going through slower traffic. Sweet was able to close back in and give Williamson a slide job in turns three and four on lap 12, only to have Williamson slide him back in the next corner. Williamson was able to return the favor on lap 14 to retake the lead. Sweet and Williamson continued to exchange the lead back and fourth every lap until Sweet took the lead on lap 18 and was able to put a lapped car between himself and Williamson.

Sweet began to pull away over the final 10 laps as Williamson and Abreu started to race for the second position with Abreu taking the spot on lap 25. Sweet continued to pull away until the finish for the victory in his first career start at Perth Motorplex. Abreu, Williamson, Eliason, and Dayne Kingshot rounded out the top five.

Trent Pigdon won the winged 360 sprint car feature while Chad Pittard won the winged limited sprint car main event.

WA vs USA Speedweek
Perth Motorplex
Kwinana Beach, Western Australia
Thursday, December 28, 2023

Winged 410 Sprint Cars

1. U49-Brad Sweet
2. U24-Rico Abreu
3. 3-Callum Williamson
4. U17-Cory Eliason
5. 2-Dayne Kingshott
6. 60-Kaiden Manders
7. 97-Mitchell Wormall
8. Q65-Luke Oldfield
9. V27-Brenton Farrer
10. 77-Bradley Maiolo
11. 26-James Inglis
12. 25-Taylor Milling
13. 99-Jamie Maiolo
14. 67-Jaydee Dack
15. 44-Ryan Lancaster
16. 11-Jason Kendrick
17. 79-Kris Coyle
18. 41-Ken Sartori
19. 4-Cameron Mckenzie
20. 19-Trent Pigdon
21. USA95-Brock Zearfoss
22. U35-Lynton Jeffrey
23. 14-Jason Pryde
24. 8-Andrew Priolo

Winged 360 Sprint Cars

1. 19-Trent Pigdon
2. 44-Ryan Lancaster
3. 52-Jeremy Warren
4. 97-Mitchell Wormall
5. 17wx-George Eaton
6. 95-Ryan Farrell
7. 76-Joel Ettridge
8. 86-Corey Hunter
9. 60wx-Owen Peet
10. 58-Kyle Francis
11. 55-Luke Mewett
12. 15-Craig Bottrell
13. 11wx-Joe Latham
14. 13-Myles Bolger
15. 81-Gavin Noy
16. 88-Matt Watkins

Limited Sprints

1. 92-Chad Pittard
2. 118-Kye Scroop
3. 16-Clayton Dickinson
4. 77-Joel Ettridge
5. 5-Todd Davis
6. 17-Matt Peaker
7. 66-Matt Davis
8. 26-Glenn Dickinson
9. 75-Mike Hanlon
10. 71-Stephanie Hanlon
11. 6-Greg Clarke
12. 8-Gavin Davis
13. 61-Jason Jones
14. 9-Mat Borgas
15. 91-Brad Warwick
16. 70-Kent Roberts
17. 10-Bailey Nash
18. 88-Ben Pratt
19. 95-Michael Keen
20. 60-Matthew Laughton
21. 11-Peter Shepherdson
22. 45-Aaron Chircop