Coons top Midget Driver of the Decade 2000-09

From Bryan Gapinski

Milwaukee, WI –The decade of 2000-09, saw many memorable events take place for midget auto racing, as 2,058 feature races were held during the ten-year period. Since the 1999 season, The National Midget Driver of the Year Championship has determined the sport’s top driver, scoring all events nationwide.

Jerry Coons Jr. accumulated the most NMDOTY points and feature victories during the decade to receive the honor as the sport’s top driver of the decade. Coons, started 282 features during the decade winning 56 times for a winning percentage of nearly 20%. Coon’s also captured major victories in the Belleville Midget Nationals (twice), Knoxville Midget Nationals, and Pepsi-Fireman’s Nationals. Coons also won the 2007 NMDOTY Championship and the 2006 & ’07 USAC National Midget Crown.

Trailing Coons by 467 points in the final point tally was two-time NMDOTY Champion Tracy Hines. Hines’ decade was highlighted by 31 feature wins, including victories in the Chili Bowl, Hut Hundred and Pepsi-Fireman’s Nationals (twice). Brad Kuhn was the second winningest driver of the decade, capturing 47 feature victories, and two NMDOTY titles. Dave Darland, and Mike Hess completed the top five in points.

Coons will be honored with a special award, along with top 2009 drivers, car owners, Manufacturers Champions and Rookie of the Year as they will receive their point fund checks and trophies in the annual ceremony held during the final night of the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals on Saturday Jan. 16.


1. Jerry Coons Jr. 9540 282 56 19.8% 4
2. Tracy Hines 9073 255 31 12.1% 4
3. Brad Kuhn 9033 388 47 12.1% 0
4. Dave Darland 8782 247 29 11.8% 3
5. Mike Hess 8426 307 33 10.7% 2