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Hatton closes out season with second straight win

By Bryan Gapinski
Beaver Dam, Wis., Sep. 4— Scott Hatton captured the season finale Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget Racing Series 20-lap feature Saturday Night at Beaver Dam Raceway. The victory was the second straight for Hatton in series competition.
Hatton took the lead from the front row at the start, while 2010 Series Champion Mike Hess passed three cars on the opening lap moving to fourth place before the caution was displayed on Lap 2 for a stalled car. On the restart Hatton pulled away, increasing his lead each lap. Hess moved into third on Lap 8, and one lap later into second place. Hatton’s advantage was erased when Travis Berryhill spun, with seven laps remaining. The restart set up a battle between the two drivers who have combined to win the Badger Championship in five of the past seven years.
Hatton driving the Huston Solution owned Stealth/Fontana No. 15 finished two-car lengths ahead of Hess for victory. Daniel Robinson, Bubba Altig, and Brandon Waelti completed the top five. Hess who finished in the top three in the final eight feature events of the season finished 245 points ahead of Hess to win his second career Badger Midget Champion.
20-lap Feature: 1. Scott Hatton; 2. Mike Hess; 3. Daniel Robinson; 4. Bubba Altig; 5. Brandon Waelti; 6.Kevin Olson; 7. Courtney Erfurth; 8. Rich Camfield; 9.Travis Berryhill; 10. Jim Fuerst; 11. Joe Probst; 12. Bob Schreffler; 13. Eric Johnson; 14. Brian Terry; 15. Rick Kelsey; 16. Jake Slotten.
8-lap Heat Race Winners: Hatton, Robinson.
Fast Time: Hess, 14.894 seconds.
Cars Present: 17 Feature Lap Leaders: Hatton 1-20.

Final 2010 Badger Midget Series Point Standings:

Driver: 1.Mike Hess 1217; 2. Scott Hatton 972; 3. Travis Berryhill 906; 4. Courtney Erfurth 737; 5. Bob Schreffler 689; 6. Davey Ray 634; 7. Daniel Robinson 627; 8.Brandon Waelti 571; 9. Eric Johnson 534; 10. Brian Terry 407; 11.Rich Camfield 365; 12. Brad Loyet 338; 13. David Budres 323; 14. Matt Smith 290; 15. David Gough 263.

Car Owner: 1. Jerry Hardy#4, 1217; 2. Imhoff/Davis#19, 834; 3. Huston Solution#15, 817; 4. Jim Fiscus#6, 744; 5. Jerry Hardy#25, 737; 6. Bernie Scheffler#21, 689; 7. RAB#57, 581; 8. Jones Motorsport#41, 571; 9. Chuck Johnson#82, 534; 10.Imhoff/Davis#19x 479; 11. Loyet Motorsports#05, 338; 12. Steve Smith#1, 290; 13. A&G Motorsports#16, 268; 14. A&G Motorsports#6x, 263; 15. Art Wachal#11, 253.