Hickman Wins at Huntly

Huntly, NZ — Duane Hickman won the midget car feature Saturday night at Huntly Speedway. Shaun Insley, Shane O’Conner, Haydon Williams, and Carl Worboys rounded out the top five.

A-Main: 1. Duane Hickman, 2. Shaun Insley, 3. Shane O’Conner, 4. Haydon Williams, 5. Carl Worboys, 6. Chris McCutchen, 7. Peter Hunnibell, 8. Simon Styles, 9. Simon Wi, 10. Ricky McGough, 11. Rose Halfpenny, 12. Dean Gorrie, 13. Mike Driver. DNF: Blair Bertram, Dave Gick, Angus McCleod, Briar Edwards.