Rich Castor Jr. prevails at I-25 Speedway

Rich Castor, Jr. - Image courtesy of ERA

From I-25 Speedway


Pueblo, CA — (July 27, 2013) — When the Super Modifieds hit the pavement of I-25 Speedway it’s an awesome thing. The main event yielded a lineup of #1 Jason Castor on the pole followed by the #15 Josh Lewis , #51 Joe Priselac , #14 Joe Gallegos , #3 Harold Evans , #2 Rick Castor Jr. , #77 Bob Myer and the #7 of Stevie Gallegos . When the green flag dropped the outside line showed to be faster as several cars overtook the inside line cars. The #15 of Josh Lewis took an early lead and began to stretch his lead out as the rest of the field battled. Castor Jr. (starting 6th) soon took the outside over #14 Joe Gallegos for the second spot and his chase was set for race leader Josh Lewis. Lewis had nearly a half track lead on Castor Jr. but Rich used lapped traffic in his favor and closed that gap and passed the #15 for the lead within the next 12 laps. As the laps winded down Joe Priselac suffered mechanical issues and the #15 was right back on the rear bumper of Castor Jr. Despite efforts from Lewis to get around Castor Jr., Rich took the checkers again!