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Selinsgrove, PA — (June 7, 2014) — Aaron Ott of East Berlin, PA came to Selinsgrove Speedway to win, and he did.

For Ott, it was his second win of the weekend, also winning the Rislone URC event Friday night at Williams Grove. The victory in the MACH 1 Chassis sponsored event was worth $3,500 in the 30 lap main event and for Ott, it was his fourth career URC win. Ott took the lead on lap fifteen from Davie Franek and from that point on, he was never challenged. Ott was a gracious winner in victory lane, praising the outstanding track conditions and thanking the large crowd for coming on to Selinsgrove Speedway.

A field of twenty-nine cars took part in time trials with Derek Locke turning a time of 17.287 at an average speed of 110.289. Three heat race events were presented with victories going to Brian Carber, Ryan Kissinger and Cody Keller as Joe Trenca won the “B” Main.

In the 30 lap Jack Gunn Memorial, it looked like it could be a URC night to dominate with Robbie Stillwaggon and Davie Franek on the front row. At the drop of the green flag, Stillwaggon took the lead and immediately put some distance between himself and runner-up Franek. On the three, Stillwaggon broke and came to a stop in turn four.

On the restart, it was all “No Panic Franek” setting the pace with Greg Hodnett now in the chase followed by TJ Stutts. Hodnett tried to reel in Ott, but before too long, Hodnett now was in a fight to hold on to the second spot as Aaron Ott was on his bumper.

Ott moved into second on lap eleven and he quickly began to reel in Franek. As the field passed for the halfway sign, Aaron Ott was the leader followed by Franek, Hodnett, Stutts and Curt Michael. Stutts, now racing in third started to hunt down Franek and on lap twenty-two, Stutts was second with Franek third. Looking deep in the pack, Mark Smith and his MACH 1 Chassis sprinter was on a charge after starting deep in the pack.

With two laps remaining, Ott was far ahead of his nearest competitor. Stutts followed in second with Hodnett third, Mark Smith fourth and Pat Cannon was now in fifth.

At the drop of the checker flag, Aaron Ott was all alone with TJ Stutts finishing a strong and impressive second as Mark Smith finished third, Greg Hodnett fourth and Pat Cannon fifth.
JACK GUNN MEMORIAL $3,500 TO WIN FEATURE FINISH: Aaron Ott, TJ Stutts, Mark Smith, Greg Hodnett, Pat Cannon, Davie Franek, Curt Michael, Brock Zearfoss, Josh Weller, Larry Kelleher, Justin Barger, Michael Walter II, Ryan Kissinger, Bobby Parrow, Colby Womer, Joe Trenca, Jordan Thomas, Will Eggimann, Derek Steward, Ed Aikin, Cody Keller, Brian Carber, Randy West, Robbie Stillwaggon, Brad Franks DNQ- – Derek Steward, Troy Betts, Jason Shultz, Andy Best

RISLONE URC Sprint Series Schedule
Friday, June 13 Potomac Speedway
Saturday, June 14 Winchester VA Speedway
Saturday, June 21 Grandview Speedway
Friday, June 27 Bedford Speedway
Saturday, June 28 Selinsgrove Speedway
Saturday, July 26 Selinsgrove Speedway
Friday, August 1 Williams Grove Speedway Rislone Nationals $4,000 to win
Saturday, August 9 Selinsgrove The Kramer Cup
Friday, August 22 Williams Grove Speedway
Saturday, August 23 Port Royal Speedway
Saturday, August30 Delaware International Speedway
Saturday, September 27 Selinsgrove MACH 1 $8,000 to Win
Friday, October 3 Carolina Speedway/Gastonia, NC
Saturday, October 4 Cherokee Speedway/Gaffney, SC
Saturday, October 18 Grandview Speedway Feature Only

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