Colton Heath wins at Skagit

Skagit Speedway 2015 Top Story LogoFrom Kaleb Hart

Alger, WA — (July 10, 2015) — With the biggest crowd of the year on hand to cheer him on, Colton Heath won for the third time on the 2015 season in the 360 division on Mid Season Championship Night at Skagit Speedway sponsored by Les Schwab Tire Centers of Skagit County. Joining Colton in victory lane were Jason Solwold, Lance Sargent, Kevin Smith and Freddie Vela.

Michael Bollinger set out to the early lead in the 360 main event, with Heath trailing by as much as a straightaway at times. Both Justin Youngquist and Eric Fisher applied heavy pressure to Colton, as he patiently worked the bottom of the track to try and catch up to Bollinger as the leader headed towards the back of the pack. In a race that saw no caution flags, Bollinger navigated slower cars and maintained the lead, but made a mistake in clean air that cost him. Heath used traffic to real in Michael, and when Bollinger jumped the cushion out of turn two on lap 21, Colton pounced, racing underneath him to make the race winning pass on the bottom of turn two. It was Heath on lap 25 grabbing his third win of the year, followed by Fisher and Bollinger rounding out the top three. Bollinger won the scramble. Jayme Barnes was the fastest qualifier of the non-scramble cars.

Lance Sargent won race number four of his 2015 campaign by passing Devin Barnes on lap 12 in the Sportsman Sprint Main Event. Slower traffic hurt Barnes’ quest for his first Skagit Speedway win, as just as he was approaching the back of the field, the cars immediately ahead of him moved into his race line. This allowed Sargent to close and capitalize, as he drove underneath Devin to score the lead and the win. Barnes was second with James Bundy taking third. Barnes won the scramble. Lee Hornbeck was quick time and Michael Hodel won the B Main.

Jason Solwold had the field covered in the 410 A Main. Solwold led every lap with little challenge, as the roll continues for the Shaylen Raye Motorsports #18. This marks the 4th straight week that Solwold has been in victory lane in the State of Washington. Kelsey Carpenter was second and Robbie Price was third. Solwold also won the scramble.

Kevin Smith has now won features in three different divisions at Skagit Speedway following a win in the Shipwreck Beads Modifieds division on Saturday night. Smith held off a strong running Lawrence O’Connor to take the victory, leading all 25 laps. Smith has now won main events in the Sportsman Sprints, 410 Sprints and Modifieds. O’Connor was second after winning the scramble. Mel Decker ran third.

Similar to Solwold, Freddie Vela had the field covered in the Outlaw Tuner division. Vela led every lap of the main, fending off an early challenge from Matt Powers before streaking away to the win. He also won the scramble. Powers was second and Cliff Ballenger was third.

360 Sprints
Fast Time – Jayme Barnes 12.576
Scramble – Michael Bollinger, Colton Heath, Eric Fisher, Justin Youngquist, Bud Ashe, Steve Reeves, Steve James
A Main – Colton Heath, Eric Fisher, Michael Bollinger, Justin Youngquist, Jayme Barnes, Bud Ashe, Steve Reeves, Jordan Weaver, Daniel Anderson, Luke Didiuk, Nate Vaughn, Travis Jacobson, Steve James, Matt Jensen, Robbie Price
Lap Leaders – Bollinger 1-20 Heath 21-25

Sportsman Sprints
Fast Time – Lee Hornbeck 13.455
Scramble – Devin Barnes, Lance Sargent, Bill Rude, James Bundy, Greg Otis, Steve Parker, Ben Gunderson
B Main – Michael Hodel, Dave Mead, Joe Lyon, Brett McGhie, Kyle Secord, Julian Fuentes, Ryan Cully
A Main – Lance Sargent, Devin Barnes, James Bundy, Steve Parker, Zach McCabe, Lee Hornbeck, Sean Johnson, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Trevor Cook, Michael Hodel, Ben Gunderson, Joe Lyon, Ashley Lewellen, Roger Oudman, Brett McGhie, Bill Rude, Dave Mead, Greg Otis
Lap Leaders – Barnes 1-11 Sargent 12-25

Shipwreck Beads Modifieds
Scramble – Lawrence O’Connor, Kevin Smith, Louis Nutter Jr, Louis Nutter Sr, Brandon Nutter, Tom Warner, Becky Boudreau, Tyler Ketchum, Adam Holtrop
Main – Kevin Smith, Lawrence O’Connor, Mel Decker, Becky Boudreau, Louis Nutter Sr, Tom Warner, Adam Holtrop
Lap Leaders – Smith 1-25

410 Sprints
Scramble – Jason Solwold, Kelsey Carpenter, Robbie Price, Barry Martinez, Jordan Weaver, Zach McCabe, Matt Jensen
Main – Jason Solwold, Kelsey Carpenter, Robbie Price, Jordan Weaver, Barry Martinez, Matt Jensen, Zach McCabe
Lap Leaders – Solwold 1-25

Outlaw Tuners
Scramble – Freddie Vela, Matt Powers, Cliff Ballenger, Clint Meins, Brandon Berg, Jack Desrosier, Ben Gunderson
Main – Freddie Vela, Matt Powers, Cliff Ballenger, Brandon Berg, Ben Gunderson, Jack Desrosier, Howard Vos, Clint Meins, Terra Arnett
Lap Leaders – Vela 1-17