Montgomery Wins Royal Purple King of the Wing Feature at Wenatchee

From Ben Deatherage

WENATCHEE, Wash. — (July 24, 2016) — The final leg of the 2016 Northwest Swing by the Royal Purple King of the Wing National Sprint Series would be on Sunday, July 24th at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval in central Washington. Waiting for them, like the night previous, would be the Royal Purple NSRA Sprint Series. A good car count was represented with teams from all of the United States and Canada comprising the field.

Robbie Price, of Cobble Hill, British Columbia and piloting the Rod Rendle owned entry, was the guy to beat for much of the main event. Price would lose the lead on lap twenty, in some lapped traffic, to Jeff Montgomery. Montgomery was so close to winning the night before, at the Rory Price Memorial in Monroe, but lost the spot late. However, the Langford, British Columbia driver was not about to let that happen two races in a row. Montgomery blazed the trail the rest of the way to win his first win with the Royal Purple NSRA Sprints of the season and his first career victory with the Royal Purple King of the Wing National Sprint Series.

Meridian, Idaho’s Bryan Warf was the driver to finish second followed by Andy Alberding, from Winston, Oregon, in third. The rest of the top five would be made up of fourth finishing Eric Humphries, of Chowchilla, California, and Winston, Oregon teenager Kyle Alberding in an impressive fifth.

Eric Humphries was the fastest driver in time trials earlier in the day. Heat race winners were Langley, British Columbia’s Jason Conn, Robert Stout of Palm Springs, California, and Roseburg, Oregon native Matt Hein. Moses Lake pilot Adam Smith was victorious in the B Main.

Once all the points were tallied up Eric Humphries would be crowned the 2016 winner of the Northwest Swing. Matt Hein was second in the standings and Bryan Warf completed the podium.

The Royal Purple King of the Wing National Sprint Series will take some time off before the resume their last three races of the 2016 campaign. The next event is scheduled for September 30th at Madera Speedway in central California.

The Royal Purple NSRA Sprints are dormant for a few weeks before they head to Western Speedway on August 12th and 13th for the historic Daffodil Cup. Western is located on gorgeous and scenic Vancouver Island and is just outside of Victoria, British Columbia. It will be the tour’s only time they visit Canada in 2016.

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Race Summary:
Thunder In The Valley
Royal Purple NSRA Sprint Series Race #7
Royal Purple King of the Wing National Sprint Series Race #7
Sunday, July 24th, 2016
Wenatchee Valley Super Oval
Wenatchee, Washington
A Feature: 1. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 2. 91-Bryan Warf; 3. 76-Andy Alberding; 4. 15-Eric Humphries; 5. 33-Kyle Alberding; 6. 3-Robert Beck; 7. 98H-Matt Hein; 8. 3T-Tom Baker; 9. 45-Davey (D.J.) Hamilton Jr.; 10. 51T-Tristen Spiers; 11. 65-Levi Rose; 12. 28-Colton Nelson; 13. 14-Robbie Price; 14. 98-Ken Hamilton; 15. 23-Robert Stout; 16. 32-Mitch Holte; 17. 2H-Tim Halliday; 18. 68-Mike Anderson; 19. 88-Jason Conn; 20. 3D-Danny Matthews; 21. 2-Adam Smith; 22. 12-Ron Larson; 23. 7D-Randy Dubois; 24. 25J-Sierra Jackson

B Feature: 1. 2-Adam Smith; 2. 12-Ron Larson; 3. 3D-Danny Matthews; 4. 68-Mike Anderson; 5. 7-Joseph Smith; 6. 0-Garrett McLees

Heat 1: 1. 88-Jason Conn; 2. 3T-Tom Baker; 3. 98-Ken Hamilton; 4. 33-Kyle Alberding; 5. 3-Robert Beck; 6. 28-Colton Nelson; 7. 0-Garrett McLees; 8. 3D-Danny Matthews; 9. 66-Kyle Vantreight

Heat 2: 1. 23-Robert Stout; 2. 7D-Randy Dubois; 3. 65-Levi Rose; 4. 45-Davey (D.J.) Hamilton Jr.; 5. 25J-Sierra Jackson; 6. 91-Bryan Warf; 7. 32-Mitch Holte; 8. 7-Joseph Smith; 9. 2-Adam Smith

Heat 3: 1. 98H-Matt Hein; 2. 76-Andy Alberding; 3. 15-Eric Humphries; 4. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 5. 2H-Tim Halliday; 6. 14-Robbie Price; 7. 68-Mike Anderson; 8. 51T-Tristen Spiers

Qualifying: 1. 15-Eric Humphries; 2. 91-Bryan Warf; 3. 3-Robert Beck; 4. 33J-Jeff Montgomery; 5. 25J-Sierra Jackson; 6. 33-Kyle Alberding; 7. 76-Andy Alberding; 8. 32-Mitch Holte; 9. 88-Jason Conn; 10. 14-Robbie Price; 11. 7D-Randy Dubois; 12. 98-Ken Hamilton; 13. 51T-Tristen Spiers; 14. 45-Davey (D.J.) Hamilton Jr.; 15. 3T-Tom Baker; 16. 98H-Matt Hein; 17. 23-Robert Stout; 18. 66-Kyle Vantreight; 19. 12-Ron Larson; 20. 65-Levi Rose; 21. 28-Colton Nelson; 22. 2H-Tim Halliday; 23. 2-Adam Smith; 24. 68-Mike Anderson; 25. 7-Joseph Smith; 26. 0-Garrett McLees